The Ultimate Catering Sales Course

My Secret Weapon to More Catering Sales Is Revealed In This 30 Second Video

The Ultimate Catering Sales Machine™


In this powerful 47-minute program, I will give you: 

  • My secret to getting a list of each and every corporate catering decision maker in your market
  • A proprietary 3-Step Sales Letter Sequence proven to get 20-40% of those targeted to call YOU and set up their free catering sampling lunch
  • The exact letters to use. Yes. You get the files to print and profit from
  • The best envelopes to get your free catering sampling lunch letters opened and read. (I even show you how to stuff the envelopes. Screw this up and see results slip.)
  • A tracking spreadsheet to keep up with each step; week by week. You must have a system to keep up with this.
  • A simple strategy that’ll bump your results by up to 300%
  • A simple-to-implement tip to convert those who don’t take you up on your free lunch offer into catering clients
  • The play-by-play for making sure you don’t screw up your sampling catered lunch
  • A closing script to turn your samplings into booked catering sales
  • Techniques to turn all of these sampling catering luncheons into repeat, corporate drop-off catering clients
  • And much, much more!


Aspects of this system were previously only available by investing in my Catering Magic System at prices from $797 up to $1497. It was also given to my private consulting clients like Dominos Pizza, who invested $5,000 a day to pick my brain and dump my years of catering sales strategies on their laps.


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Membership in isn’t for sale. Only subscribers to the Marketing Pro-Plus plan of our catering software are granted access.

But, as part of a limited marketing test, you can get a one-year, all-access pass to this treasure trove of tools to help you skyrocket your catering sales, like…

  • Plug & Play Word & Publisher Templates of all my winning sales letters. Like the X-Ray mailer that cost me twenty bucks to send out and generated over $17,000 in Hospital Week Catering
  • A step-by-step guide to find every pharm rep in your city and get their profitable, repeat catering
  • Access to my library of marketing newsletters and expert audio interviews. You’ll learn catering building strategies your competitors will never even think of
  • A license to the best high-return, low-cost marketing campaigns to leapfrog your catering sales with niches like: The Top 100 Employers, Corporate Drop-Off Clients, CPAs, Black Friday, Sports Banquets, Hotels with Meeting Space and No Catering Kitchen, Wedding & Rehearsal Dinners and much, much more!



You’ll Only Pay $99 For The Ultimate Catering Sales Machine™!

Why So Cheap, Michael?

Simple. I have transitioned my business from publisher of catering information and consultant to provider of turnkey catering software operational and selling systems.

I know some of you who invest in The Ultimate Catering Sales Machine™ will grow your sales and need a kick-butt catering software system like the one we have.

For others, my system will collect dust on the shelf of other great ideas and programs you never took action on. The 99 bucks is about the cost of a nice dinner for two. You won’t go broke, and I won’t stay up late worrying you invested your last dime.

Either way…

I Give You My 12 Month, $99,000 Guarantee

I am so confident that The Ultimate Catering Sales Machine™ will get you at least a 1000 times your investment back within 12 months.

I know if you use this step-by-step system consistently for the next year, you’ll get at least $99,000 in new, repeat corporate catering sales. If not, send it back for a 100% refund. I don’t want to keep your money.

No excuses. No note from your mom.

And for those of you who leave it on a shelf and do nothing:  if you feel good about sending it back for a refund, I am happy to refund you as well.

You have nothing to lose. 100% of the risk is on me to deliver.

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