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A Product You Can Stand Behind

With industry-leading sales, marketing and operations tools, seamlessly integrated with a robust CRM, CaterZen's catering software and systems offer big value to caterers and restaurants that cater, who are looking to significantly grow their profits.

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Program Benefits

Consistent Payment

At the end of each month, we'll send you a check for rewards earned.


Enduring Referral Tracking

Our cookies track your referrals for 1 year if they leave the site without converting.

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Referral Lead Nurturing

Once your referral is in our funnel, we'll guide him/her to become a customer.


Top-Notch Support

A robust help center, a personalized product walkthrough, a video series, and a friendly support team assist your referral.


Personalized Sharing Links

Your link can be whatever you'd like, making it a breeze to share in person, or drop in an email or social media post.

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Custom Share Assets

We provide professional email and social post templates for you to customize.

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