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CaterZen Account Setup

To get your CaterZen account started, there are a few things to get in place. Below are a few things

you can begin doing to get your account fully set up and ready for use!


Catering Menu Entry

Upon signing up for CaterZen, our team will enter in your first 200 menu items completely free. If you

have more than 200 items, you can have our team enter them in for you (for a small additional fee)

or you can learn to enter in menu items into your own account. Here are a few videos that will train

you how to manage your menu.


How To Create Categories, Menus and Items


How To Create Options, Extras and Toppings


How To Edit an Item


Import Client Database

If you have a current database of your clients and prospects that you would like uploaded to

CaterZen, you can import them into you CRM. The video below will show you how to format your

database into an excel spreadsheet and how to import it into your CaterZen Account.


How To Import Your Database


Create Proposal Graphics

Through CaterZen you will have the ability to send quotes to your customers for review. One of the

additional features you will receive is the customer design work that pairs along with those quotes.

The video below will explain what all is included and what we would need to begin the design work.


Custom Proposal Explanation and Design


Add Employees

One of the first things you'll want to do after starting your CaterZen account, is add Employees

(users). You can add unlimited users to your account at no cost. Each person can be set up with a

unique mix of permissions so that each employee is set up with the appropriate amount of access.


How To Add Employees


Delivery Zones

Delivery Zones allow you to draw on a map where you will deliver to

and what you will charge for that particular area of town. These are a great way to ensure

accuracy and automation for your delivery charges.


Take Orders

Order Entry

The Order Entry tab of your CaterZen account may very well be the most important feature in your software.

This is where the magic happens.  Mastering this page can mean the difference between clean customer history and accurate reporting.


In the video below you will learn how to Enter your customer, Place an Order and Pull your daily reporting.

This is a great video to share with your immediate team as well as anyone else who will be managing your

catering orders.


How To Place an Order

Mobile Order Taking

Our Mobile Order Taking interface makes quick work out of creating new orders.

Look up an existing client or create one on the fly

and turn basic event questions into an order that ends up in our software,

your calendar and the client’s inbox.

Customer Contact


The CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is where all of your customer data is stored. Here you can easily

recall order history, invoices, notes on food allergies, etc. Using this tab to its full advantage can make the

difference between constant reliable contact and a database of only half information. In the videos below you

will learn all of the facets of this module and how to begin using it to your advantage.


CRM Icon Review


Personal Data vs. Company Data


Phone System

Our phone system can be set up to forward your catering calls to the people on your team who are best

equipped to handle them. This system records your calls in your CaterZen account so you can play them back

for review.

Please note that this system has an additional fee associated with the calls. ($0.06/minute for

inbound calls, $0.05/minute for outbound calls)


Phone System Review


Google Connect

If you or your team uses Gmail or Google Calendar to manage your catering communication and schedule, you

can easily connect your Google Account to your CaterZen account. The video below will show you how to

complete the connection so that you can easily see your CaterZen orders on your Google Calendar and email

your customers directly from your CaterZen CRM.


How To Connect To Google


Lead Forms

Collecting your customers information has never been easier. By creating a Lead Capture form, you can easily

embed forms into your website for your customers to fill out. This information gets captured into your

CaterZen account and you get notified when someone fills it out so you can follow up about your prospects

upcoming event.


Lead Form Creation and Application


Credit Card Processing

In CaterZen you have the ability to connect your account to a credit card

processor to run your customers credit card payments. We integrate with two

different processors. One of the processors can also act as a gateway if you

currently use a processor to run your payments. The video below will walk you

through these two processors to help you decide if one is best for you.


Accounting Tab Reports

In your accounting tab there are several reports that will help you with your

accounting as it relates to your catering orders in the system. In this video we

explore those different reports.


Accounting Reports Explained



Invoicing is a very important step in your billing. It's also how you can see who

has paid, and who hasn't. In this video we go over how to manage your

invoices, as well as how to send them to your customers.


How To Use Invoicing


Sales Tax

Our sales tax module provides you with the flexibility to

set up tax rates for every kind of taxing scenario for your business.

The video below explains how the Sales Tax Module works. For specifics or help setting up your

Sales Tax Module, book a session at


How To Set Up Sales Tax Module



Whether an order cancels, or a partial refund is due,

the Refund module can help you ensure that your reports are accurate.

If you use Braintree/ to process your credit card payments,

this will also be how you will issue refund to your customers credit cards. 


How To Issue a Refund



After connecting your Quickbooks account through the Admin area,

you'll be able to assign your sales journal categories to Quickbook's categories.

The video below will teach you how to connect your CaterZen account to Quickbooks. 


How To Connect to Quickbooks

Kitchen/Event Reporting

Kitchen Production Reports

For many people, their Kitchen Production Reports are a huge factor in their operations

running smoothly. This is one of the few sessions that will absolutely require a bit of set up

work and a session with Meredith Dillard. You can book a time with her to set these up by

going to


Kitchen Production Reports Explained


Reports Tab

In CaterZen, you have a section of your software that manages your reporting. Sales

Reports, Database Reports, To-Do Reports, etc. In this video we will dive into some of the

more commonly used reports by our clients.


Reports Explained


Overview Tab

Your overview tab will often act as your snapshot into your daily orders. From this tab you

can see orders within a specific date range, as well as the reports that correlate with them.

In this video we break down this page and all of its features.


Overview Reports Explained


BEO Manager

A BEO can help organize your team and give a clear plan for execution for your events. In

the videos below you will learn how to create BEO templates to use for different types of

catered events, as well as how to apply those templates to your catering orders.


How To Create a BEO Template


How To Use a BEO Template

Manage Deliveries

Delivery Module

Before taking the following steps, please watch the following video. It will put these steps into

motion and give you a look at the internal and external functions of our Delivery Driver App.


Delivery Manager Demo





App Name is "CaterZen Driver".
Give them the log in that you created for them in Step 1.


Route Orders

Additional Articles

Learn More


Venue Manager

Another way to easily manager deliveries is to utilize your VenueManager. You can create multiple

venues or destinations that you frequent for multiple customers so that the address is stored in

your account for you and your customers to easily select, rather than having to look up and type in

that information each time.

How To Set Up Venues

Customer Facing

Online Ordering Interface

One of our client's favorite CaterZen features is the Online Ordering Interface that

allows their customers to easily place orders online. Our designer will work with you

to create a branded page. The video below will show you the capabilities of this page.


Online Ordering Interface Walkthrough



When a customer is looking for information about your catering services, one of the

great things you can provide them with is a quote. This will show them an example of

what an order would include and how much it would cost. You can create a quote for

your customer from within CaterZen, or they can place it online through your online

ordering interface. Once the customer is ready, these quotes can quickly be converted

to orders with just a few clicks.


How To Create Create a Quote


Converting a Quote to an Order



Many caterers require contracts before placing orders for their clients. Our contract

module allows you to create custom contracts that include e-signatures so your

customers can quickly sign and return back to you. In the videos below we'll show you

how to create a contract template and how to put it to use.


How To Create a Contract Template


How To Use a Contract


Auto Pilot Marketing Letters

These letters are set up to work for your automatically based on parameters that you will select to

put in place. These letters are direct mail, so they will go through a mail house and to the post


Please note that these letters have an additional fee associated with them. ($1.51 per

letter, $1.39 per postcard)


Email Marketing

Through RCS you can mass email your database. You can choose to create an email campaign from

scratch or use one of our pre-written templates. There is no cost associated with these emails,

however you must agree to not use this system to send spam or to email people who have not

opted in or given you their email address to use.


How To Create an Email Template


How To Use an Email Template


Marketing Calendar

The Marketing Calendar is a great tool to use to keep your marketing efforts on track year round.

This calendar will tell you exactly what you should be working on each week of the year. You can

also set up reminders to yourself and your team so you never miss a beat.


Marketing Calendar Walkthrough


Restaurant Profit Point

Another great benefit to being a CaterZen customer is your membership to Restaurant Profit Point.

This marketing resource library has everything you need to market your catering services.

Everything from Menu Templates, to Call Scripts and Sales Letters. This members only site is full of

great resources and podcasts to help you in your marketing journey.


Restaurant Profit Point Walkthrough