Double Your Catering Profits

cater or die catering ebook

Get your hands on the same 7-step marketing plan Michael Attias used to take his 104-seat restaurant from zero to over $1,000,000-a-year in drop-off and full-service catering sales.

This expert guide will reveal:

  • Over 12 low-cost, high-return strategies for finding new catering clients
  • A marketing blueprint you can model for your own catering business
  • 51 exhibits from Michael's marketing archives
  • The simple letter mailed to 20 prospects that brought in over $17,000 in catering - within 30 days!
  • The one powerful concept responsible for over $500,000 in catering
  • And much, much more.


If you're tired of wasting your ad dollars on high-priced mass media and have little-to-no trust for ad reps, then this book is a must read... but only if you're serious about growing your catering business.

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About the Author, Michael Attias



Michael took his 104-seat restaurant just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and built catering sales to over a million dollars a year.

It took Michael over 10 years of trial and error, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment, to create a perfect marketing system to help restaurants build their own million-dollar catering businesses.

He now helps restaurant owners, caterers, and grocery stores run a more profitable catering business by increasing efficiencies, saving time, and increasing sales.