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New Tools To Help Your Restaurant or Catering Business Sell More Takeout & Delivery

CaterZen has pivoted to help you sell more meals; take-out, curbside and delivery. Whether it’s individual meals or bulk family meal deals, our POS-integrated Online Ordering Interface and turnkey Delivery Manager will allow you to stand out from your competitors and stop relying on third-party food delivery companies that eat up your profits and steal your customers! 


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Combat the crisis with turnkey delivery & takeout software!
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Online Ordering Interface

Whether you offer pick-up, curbside or delivery, our mobile-enabled Online Ordering Interface allows your customers to place orders 24/7.

Our designers will custom design your interface to highlight your brand.

With features like pictures of food items and an upsell module, you can start turning web traffic into web orders!


Try our DEMO SITE and place some orders to test the process yourself!


Food Pics Within Menus

Nothing sells food like food pics that make you want to order.

You can include a food pic with any/all menu items, as well as your upsell items.

Images scale for mobile-friendly ordering.



Call Center / Phone Ordering System



Our web-based software allows your team to take phone delivery orders on-premise or from their homes.

With a complete CRM and Rapid-Entry Order Interface at your fingertips, you can access previous orders, place duplicate orders, see the lifetime value of a customer, and even maintain highlighted notes such as preferences and food allergies.

Add conditional options to menu items and ensure all your phone team is suggestively selling upsell items.

Tablet-Based Bump Screen

Online orders pop up in real time on any tablet (Android or iPad). Red flashing orders indicate new orders.

Eliminate paper and speed up order prep.



Combat the crisis with turnkey delivery & takeout software!
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Food Delivery Management System

“Where’s my delivery order?”

That’s what’s on the mind of your customers.

With CaterZen’s Delivery Manager, you can go head-to-head with well-funded national chains and third-party food delivery marketplaces.

From real-time driver order routing to an app that allows your driver to manage the delivery to real-time driver tracking by your customer, our Delivery Manager will help you grab more than your fair share of the meal delivery market!




Order Routing

Delivery orders appear chronologically in real time on our interactive routing map.

Drag-and-drop one or multiple orders to individual drivers to fulfill delivery.

Whether you dispatch delivery orders via a manager or drivers grab their own orders, all you need is a laptop to handle all your delivery routing.

Food Delivery Driver App

Deliveries appear on your driver’s CaterZen Mobile App. From load out lists to turn-by-turn delivery instructions, the entire delivery is managed via the app.

With a click-to-call hyperlink, drivers can safely call customers from their smartphones. No more handwritten or messy paper tickets to decipher. 

Customers can sign the ticket and even leave a tip on the app. (NOTE: During this COVID-19 crisis, customers will probably not be signing, but they can still leave a tip in the Online Ordering Interface or via a phone order).





Why Your Customers Will Love the Delivery Manager

An email and/or text is sent to your customer letting them know your driver is on their way. No more guessing when the driver will show up.  Plus, total peace of mind as a pic of your driver is embedded into the ticket. 

Our technology allows your customer to see your driver in real time on a map along with estimated delivery time. This gives your customer peace of mind and eliminates all of your “Where’s my order?” phone calls.

Once a driver pulls up in the driveway, they click an "I’m here" button to notify the customer. Better, real-time communication makes for happy, repeat customers.

Track Drivers and Orders for Your Peace of Mind

Our interactive map allows you to see all of your drivers in real time. Know exactly where they are and which order they are in the process of delivering.

In the event a customer calls asking about their order, you can let them know exactly how close they are to making that delivery.

With an app that allows your drivers to snap pics, each driver can take a quick picture of food left at the front door per customer request.

If a customer calls to question whether the food was delivered, you can quickly shoot them a pic of your food in front of their front door. Eliminate "he said/she said" refunds.


Combat the crisis with turnkey delivery & takeout software!
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E-Loyalty Program

Reward customers for repeat purchases.

With a two-tiered Loyalty Program that can reward your customers for their orders, as well as reward them for referrals, you can automatically rebate a percentage of the order in electronic gift cards.

Thanks to our partnership with Tango Cards, your customers can choose from over 80 rewards from Amazon to Target.

This is a great program to build sales and referrals and help your customers get the biggest bang for their buck.


Over 200 e-gift cards available



Email Marketing



CaterZen has a built-in Email Marketing Module.

Whether you use one of our professionally written templates or create your own, you definitely want to harness the power of email marketing to promote yourself.

Whether it’s a limited time offer or seasonal menu, let your customers know there’s a reason to order again.

Combat the crisis with turnkey delivery & takeout software!
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"We average 3 to 4 deliveries a day and this feature by itself is making more than what we pay for the cost of software (sometimes in one day)."


Jerry Sousou, Star Catering