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Welcome to CaterZen's Feature Journey. Our page is dedicated to showcasing the synergy of innovation and client collaboration. Here, we proudly share our journey, highlighting the features we've developed in response to the valuable feedback from our clients.

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Each feature here is a result of careful consideration of your operational needs, designed to streamline your processes and enhance efficiency. These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to respond to and incorporate client feedback into our software.

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Features Roadmap


Get a glimpse into the future of CaterZen. It's where we share our vision for upcoming enhancements, each meticulously planned to meet the evolving demands of the catering industry. This roadmap is not just a plan, but a promise to continue adapting and growing in line with the needs and suggestions of our valued clients.

  • Enhanced Employee Access Controls: Offers granular permission settings for different sections of CaterZen, applicable to individual employees or designated employee groups.
  • Burq Delivery Integration: Integrates with Burq, a third-party catering delivery platform, allowing for flexible delivery options, including full or partial outsourcing of delivery management.
  • Advanced Catering Deposit Manager: Manages single or multiple catering deposits, enabling scheduling and automated collection for enhanced financial organization.
  • Revamped CRM & Task Management: Transforms follow-up processes for sales reps, offering a significant upgrade in customer relationship management.
  • Custom Report Builder: Provides access to all CaterZen data, enabling the creation of bespoke reports for tailored data analysis.
  • Streamlined Kitchen Production Formula Entry: Simplifies the process of entering and managing kitchen production formulas, enhancing kitchen operation efficiency.
  • Enhanced Order Management Rules: Implements complex rules for order acceptance, delivery limits, and pickup restrictions during specific timeframes.
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization Feature: Introduces the capability to preauthorize credit cards for orders, enhancing payment security and processing.
  • Customer Access to Outstanding Orders: This enhancement will allow customers to view detailed information about their outstanding orders directly in the online ordering portal. They can easily access and pay their unpaid invoices with one click, facilitating a more streamlined and efficient payment process.
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery Tools: Incorporates features like exit-intent pop-ups, email reminders, and retargeting ad integrations to recover abandoned online orders.
  • Private Party Room Lead Generator: A new feature in the online ordering interface to showcase private party rooms and generate leads for event bookings.
  • AI-Driven Catering Enhancement Suite: Integrating advanced AI technologies across CaterZen's platform, enhancing customer interactions, optimizing kitchen and inventory management, personalizing ordering and marketing efforts, and providing intelligent analytics for strategic decision-making.

Your Feedback


Your insights are the heartbeat of our innovation. If there's a feature you'd like to see in CaterZen, we're all ears. Share your ideas with us through this form. Each suggestion is a step towards making our software even more tailored to your needs. Let's shape the future of CaterZen together!

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