Revolutionizing Catering Management: CaterZen's New Enhanced Accounting Features

Michael Attias Jan 24, 2024
Michael Attias

In the dynamic world of catering, staying on top of your finances is as crucial as delivering exceptional service. CaterZen understands this, and we're excited to announce two groundbreaking catering accounting software features that are set to revolutionize how you manage your catering business’s finances: the Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging Email Report and the Ticket Audit Log. These features are designed to streamline your accounting processes, ensuring that your focus remains on what you do best - creating unforgettable catering experiences.

The Accounts Receivable Aging Email Report: Automated Efficiency at Its Best

At CaterZen, we're committed to making the collection of outstanding payments easier for your catering business. To this end, we've recently introduced an enhanced Aging Report that provides a detailed and easily navigable snapshot of outstanding balances. This includes a Summary Report with categorized aging periods and a Detail Report offering a comprehensive view of all outstanding orders with direct invoice links.


Now, building on this commitment, we're introducing a new innovative feature that automates the process of sending monthly statements to customers with outstanding balances. This new tool is a game-changer for catering businesses, large and small. Here's why:

Automated Statements

Gone are the days of manually tracking and sending out statements. Our system does it for you, automatically emailing your customers their outstanding balances every month.

Customization and Ease

Customize the email template to fit your brand and choose the day of the month you want these statements sent out. This flexibility ensures the process aligns seamlessly with your accounting cycle.


Direct Invoice Access

The email includes a link to view outstanding invoices, each with a one-click payment option. This makes it incredibly easy for your clients to view and settle their balances online.

Here's what the email looks like:


And here's the AR Aging Report the client is taken to, where they can click on invoices:


And here's where the client can easily pay on each invoice:


Efficient Query Handling

If clients have questions about their invoices, there's no need for you to dig through files. They can view and download invoices directly, saving you time and hassle.

Improved Cash Flow

Remember, "Your sales don't matter if you don’t collect them." This tool ensures efficient collection, enhancing your cash flow and financial health.

Visit our support article for a step-by-step guide to configure the AR aging email report.

The Ticket Audit Log: Comprehensive Oversight Made Simple

The Ticket Audit Log feature offers complete transparency over changes made to your catering orders. This is crucial for maintaining integrity and accuracy in your order management.

Track Changes Effortlessly

The Ticket Audit Log shows all changes made to a ticket - from pricing updates to menu item alterations.

ticket-audit-log-2 (1)

Employee Accountability

See who made each change, fostering a sense of responsibility and accuracy among your team.

Complete Order History

From creation to finalization, every action on a ticket is logged and viewable, offering you a comprehensive overview.

Learn more about the ticket audit log at our support article.

Discover the Future of Catering Management

CaterZen’s new AR Aging Email Report and Ticket Audit Log features represent our commitment to enhancing your catering business's operational efficiency. By automating complex financial tasks and providing clear oversight of order changes, these tools empower you to focus more on creating delightful catering experiences and less on administrative tasks.

For those keen to experience the benefits of our latest innovations, we offer several pathways:

  • For New Users: Experience the full capabilities of CaterZen with our 30-day free trial. Dive into our features and discover how we can transform your catering operations. It's the perfect opportunity to see how our innovations can elevate your business.
  • For the Curious Minds: Not quite ready to commit? Why not participate in our unique "non-demo demo"? It's a relaxed, no-pressure way to explore how our software can fit into your business model.
  • For Existing CaterZen Clients: Ready to take your CaterZen experience to the next level? Schedule a personalized quick-start training session to enhance your current setup. This session is tailored to your specific needs, helping you maximize the benefits of our latest features and integrations.

Maximize efficiency and minimize hassle.  That's CaterZen's way of redefining catering management.

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