Catering Accounting Software

Creating and sending invoices and tickets to processing refunds is intuitive. Accepting payments and managing your accounts receivable is easy. Our Sales Tax Manager makes handling single and combined tax schedules manageable for all your delivery areas. Our Sales Journal Reports simplifies reconciling daily accounting.  CaterZen's comprehensive, all-inclusive accounting software makes managing your catering accounting as easy as possible.

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Online Ordering + Credit Card Payments

In an effort to keep things as easy-to-use for our catering companies and their clients, CaterZen provides a completely customizable online ordering platform for your clients to place new catering orders or review their accounts.

Clients can check existing catering orders, review past orders, make payments on outstanding balances, and add credit card information into their accounts that they can use to make payments.

Adding credit cards is quick and easy for clients, and once it's been added to the account and authorized, clients can use that card for any future payments.





Invoices & Sales Receipts

Whether your clients want to pay as soon as they order, or be invoiced to pay later, CaterZen's accounting software provides auto-generated sales receipts and invoices.

For same-day payments made on new sales, you can quickly create either Order Tickets (a more simplistic receipt) or Catering Tickets (a fancier, branded receipt) for your clients.

CaterZen will automatically create an invoice for every order entered into our online ordering system, but you have the option to create them manually, too.

Invoices can be automatically emailed to your clients' accounts for them to submit payment, saving you the time of having to worry about generating them and sending them out.

Aging Reports

Collections is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of running any business, especially if you choose to offer your clients credit or extended time frames for paying their outstanding balances.

Thankfully, CaterZen makes tracking these delinquent accounts a breeze. You can generate Aging Reports for any given period of time, and our catering bookkeeping software will give you a comprehensive list of every client account that has not made their required payments during that given time frame.

You can also choose to resend updated invoice emails and reminders to these clients automatically at periodic intervals, or manually at your discretion.





Sales Journal Reports

Like many of the other report-generating options available through CaterZen's software, our Sales Journal Report is a valuable accounting tool for overseeing all of your existing accounts during a set period of time.

Create an unlimited number of sales categories for tracking your sales.

Payments, house charges and catering deposits are easy to track in your Sales Journal Report. Your bookkeeper will appreciate everything broken down and easy to reference.

Start growing your catering business with catering software!
Take the software for a spin, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough
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