Catering Marketing Systems

Marketing is all about getting the phone to ring. It is the transference of desire to use your catering servce via any and all touches to your clients and prospects. Start attracting the right types of catering clients and repeat sales via our auto-pilot marketing systems.

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Lead Generation Website

Catering deserves more than a tab on your website and a few paragraphs of generic text. Let us build a catering lead generation website to pre-sell prospects on choosing you.

By answering the questions in a prospect's mind before they pick up the phone to call you, our mobile-friendly catering websites will present you in the best light, leaving you as the best catering option in your marketplace.

catering lead generation website

Explainer Video

In a world where your prospects are bombarded by thousands of messages a day, you need a tool to cut through the mind clutter.

The explainer video is a short cartoon designed to grab attention and show your prospects why you are the best choice for their next corporate drop-off catering.

Catering Menus/4 Walls Marketing

Let us engineer and design a full color, branded corporate drop-off catering menu to highlight your best offerings. Our menus will simplify the ordering process for your team and clients, while maximizing your cateirng sales.

Our 4 Walls Marketing program will provide you with table tents, signs, flyers and other marketing pieces designed to get your current dining room customers to order catering from you. 

catering menu
catering marketing email

Email Marketing

A fully functional email engine allows you to promote to your clients and prospects on a regular basis. Our pre-written email templates eliminate the hassles of figuring out what to say and promote. Email instantly or preschedule to fit the way you work.

Plus Many More Features

catering marketing systems loyalty program

Loyalty Program

Automatically reward your best customers with gift certificates, where you can set a different rebate percentage for each client. It’s the perfect incentive to lock in repeat business.

catering marketing systems referral

Referral System

Increase sales with a referral program that rewards your clients for sending you new business. Reward gift certificates are automatically mailed to your clients, while you sleep.

catering marketing systems thank you

Thank You Program

Automatically send a thank you note via our web-based mailing service, or pull up a report of clients to call back. Saying thanks is a powerful marketing weapon.

catering marketing systems customer reactivation

Customer Reactivation

At the start of each month, mail a letter or call all the clients who haven’t ordered in a while. This helps you identify customers who have left companies and reach out to the new decision maker. 

catering marketing systems monthly newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Sending your catering customers and prospects a monthly full-color postcard newsletter that entertains and educates keeps you "top of mind”.

catering marketing systems birthday

Birthday Program

A birthday letter good for a free meal at your restaurant will make it virtually impossible for a competitor to drive a wedge between you and your customers.

catering marketing systems ad template

Catering Ad Templates

Our library of catering ad templates and sales letters will keep you well stocked with proven niche marketing campaigns to increase catering sales all year long.

catering marketing systems coaching


Whether via your own Marketing Concierge or our Monthly Group Catering Coaching Calls, learn from fellow operators and get your most pressing challenges answered.

smoke and spice


"Marketing campaigns we had tried in the past that had failed. We weren’t just given the tools to be successful; we were EDUCATED on how to use these tools in several different ways that will consistently grow our catering business!"


Mark Rogers, Smoke & Spice Express
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