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Stay relevant in your customer and prospect inboxes. Built-in email templates put selling on autopilot, and you can easily create custom email campaigns to send out to select clients or prospects in your CRM.



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Customizable Email Templates

With so many different holidays, events and marketing targets to hit every year, it can feel impossible trying to keep up with all the emails you want to send to your stable of customers.

CaterZen offers multiple customizable email templates, organized by month, so that you can hit every specific group of clientele, without spending countless hours building and modifying the same template over and over.

Every template is completely customizable, giving you the freedom to modify them to fit with your company's branding, style and tone. 

You can set up pre-organized groups of customers, so that only the customers that you think will respond best to your chosen campaign template will receive a copy. 

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Planning Ahead with Email Campaigns

Planning month-to-month will only get you so far in the catering business. A little bit of foresight and planning ahead can make a huge impact on your business' long-term success.

CaterZen allows you to completely prepare your email templates as far ahead of time as you'd like, and then set a predetermined date to send out the designated email groups. 

Once it's in the queue, you don't have to worry about it. It will automatically be sent to the selected customers, at the prearranged time, without any further action required from you.

Set some time aside during your slower seasons to do all your template building, arrange your scheduled delivery times for each and designate which groups each of your clients fit into. 

Spend a little extra time ahead getting everything organized, and you'll reap the benefits year-round.

Build and Send Custom Newsletters

Unlike holiday or seasonal marketing campaigns, newsletters are much more personal to your business, as well as your chosen marketing strategies.

That's why CaterZen offers our customers the ability to quickly and easily design custom newsletters using our 'what you see is what you get' email builder system.

Put your newsletter together however you'd like, with the peace of mind of knowing that your newsletter is going to appear to your customers exactly as it was intended.

No more worrying about having irritating broken images or confusing formatting issues arising between design and delivery.



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Convenient CRM Integration

When you have dozens of customers to sort through, it can be quite time consuming trying to organize who should be receiving what specific email marketing materials. 

Not every campaign will be a good fit for every customer, and you don’t want to overload them with emails or they’ll begin to lose their impact.

CaterZen's intuitive CRM system integrates with all of our email marketing options, allowing you to quickly designate groups of previous customers to target.

You can create email marketing campaigns aimed at specific customers who have chosen to order specific menu items for previous catering events. Or you can organize them by custom tags you've assigned to selected customer accounts. 

CaterZen's integration tools make executing these campaigns quick and painless. 

The time you'll save by using these helpful features, will give you the freedom to send out more precisely targeted campaigns, which will ultimately lead to more sales and increased growth for your catering business.

Start growing your catering business with catering software!
Take the software for a spin, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough
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