Let our customers tell you how they've grown their catering businesses with CaterZen

"This system was so good, I was in a class, and I recommended it to some other people, and they end up purchasing the system, and then they told me later how much it changed their lives."


Brent Reaves

President, Smokey John's BBQ
CaterZen client since 2015


"Once we moved over to CaterZen, it changed our life from that perspective, and we got to spend more time selling caterings and delivering caterings, than trying to logistically lay everything out."

Joe Davidson

Founder, Oklahoma Joe's
CaterZen client since 2012


"It saved us a ton of time on multiple processes when you have - we've got one team taking the order, we have another team routing our drivers to deliver it, and we have another team that's cooking the product and preparing it. CaterZen is able to read between all three, and really make it a cohesive system that they can utilize."


Heather Autry

Sales Manager, Jack Stack Barbecue
CaterZen client since 2019


"I definitely became more efficient once I switched to CaterZen, and that in and of itself allowed me to increase my sales."


David Carter

Catering Director, Shane's Rib Shack
CaterZen client since 2015


"There's so many different ways that... you can tailor it to fit what you need. We're able to do more with fewer people."


Annie Miler

Chef & Owner, Clementine Catering
CaterZen client since 2020


"When I took over Taylor Grocery Special Events Catering back in 2006, they did... $38 or $39 thousand in sales... And in 2019, we did almost a million and a half. I could not have done any of that without CaterZen."

Taylor Grocery

Butch Scott

Catering Manager, Taylor Grocery Special Events Catering
CaterZen client since 2015

Butch Scott Full

"I used everything on Excel. I was just making my own invoices, and then I would miss things. We decided to use CaterZen because we needed to be organized more."


Rosalyn Sabado

Catering Coordinator, Cater 4 U
CaterZen client since 2019


"We've been doing this for 35 years and this is the single best investment we've made in the 35 years of being in business."


Geoffrey Bezuidenhout

President, Picnikins Catering
CaterZen client since 2019

Geoffrey Bezuidenhout Full

"We love the fact that the staff at CaterZen helped us set up everything, and then... we were free to run with it. There were many features that we were able to access right away that made us fall in love with it."


Wendy Banman

General Manager, Elizabeth's Catering
CaterZen client since 2018


"The time savings. I can't say enough about that because when we're emailing or when we're calling... the information is very accessible. Retrieving orders. Duplicating orders. Finding customers."


Dean Montemayor

Director of Operations, Cabo Bob's
CaterZen client since 2019


"I'm able to work with all the different departments, our accounting departments, and all of our restaurants and our general managers and our area managers and everything else, so that everything is in one place."


Eleanor VonAchen

Customer Happiness Team Lead, Roots Natural Kitchen
CaterZen client since 2019

soulman's bar-b-que


"I had hired an additional staff member to do a very specific task of making calls to all clients who had orders the next day to confirm the details. CaterZen then added a feature that sent an auto-generated confirmation email the day before the order. I was then able to take the employee I had hired and use her for much more meaningful tasks and this feature basically replaced her job!"


Amber Polk, Soulman's Bar-B-Que
slaps bbq catering testimonial


"I am constantly looking for "tools" that mesh with our processes to meet the need, streamline our day-to-day, AND are built on a philosophy of proactively managing whatever it is I am trying to solve for.  

CaterZen has met all the criteria and is truly one of those tools that comes along and changes the landscape.  My only regret is that I didn't start on-boarding sooner, as we increased our catering sales in December by 227%!"


Mike Pearce, Slap's BBQ
312 pizza company testimonial


"We have been using CaterZen since the day we opened the
restaurant about 4 years ago. The software works seamlessly and without glitches. We use it every day to streamline operations. Every time I hit a roadblock, the staff at CaterZen responds the same day. Plus, they're regularly adding features that help us increase our productivity and accuracy for delivering high-quality products and service."


Jamie Dent, 312 Pizza Company
cantina mamma lucia catering testimonial


"There is no doubt that the investment in this system is nothing compared to the payoff we’ve already received. Any restaurant owner serious about building and maintaining their catering business would be a fool not to at least take a demo of your system."


Frank D’Antona, Cantina Mamma Lucia
eadie's catering testimonial


"Not only are we saving time entering orders with the easy order entry system, but I can’t tell you how much more time and less busy the phones are now that we’ve turned on our regulars to your online ordering module. Sixty to eighty percent of our orders come directly online from our customers."


Janette Ralston, Eadie's Kitchen & Market
al's chicago's italian beef catering software testimonial


"Just wrapped up an event for 2,000 people that came in from the CaterZen website! We launched a few weeks ago and already have $20,000 plus in catering orders."


Michael Stadnicki, Al's Italian Beef & Catering
lazybones catering software testimonial


"I can't recommend CaterZen enough to restaurants that want to expand, start or even just organize their catering. We get compliments on our website, the layout of the invoices and the quick response time from online inquiries. Since being with CaterZen, our catering sales have grown over 100%."


Jenn Smiljanovski, Lazybones Smokehouse
bubba's roadhouse & saloon catering testimonial


"We’ve been using CaterZen from Restaurant Catering Systems since June of ’08 to help better track and handle our catering business.  Our catering sales have grown 1,110% since we started using RCS and we have had double-digit growth every year since 2008."


Jay Johnson, Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon
davids real pit bbq catering testimonial


"Before using CaterZen, we had no database to keep track of our clients, no marketing to promote our catering services, and virtually no way to track our customer’s invoices or order history.  The software allows us to focus on growing sales and executing the orders so we continue to get referrals from happy, return customers."


Jeremy Hood, David’s Real Pit BBQ
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cranberry creek restaurant catering testimonial


"Orders placed more and more by the customers themselves online followed by a nifty little text message sent on our cell phones has given our staff more time to do actual catering and less time needed answering phones and confirming orders by phone."


Jim Norton, Cranberry Creek Restaurant & Catering
mother mary's catering software testimonial


"CaterZen has helped us find the customer, take their order easily, follow up with them and stay in front of them throughout the years without a single piece of paper or a pen. In fact, my catering sales have increased by 36%! CaterZen helps me get the job done faster, easier and nothing falls through the cracks. It’s been a lifesaver."


Len Ruggiero, Mother Mary’s
schmaltz deli catering software testimonial


"One of the great things about CaterZen is that back-end information and being able to have more knowledge about our customers: who they are, what they like to order, delivery locations, and special options that we need to know for different trucks, whether I put the information in, the other catering coordinator or one of our managers, that information is all right there for them to see."


Kristin McCann, Schmaltz Deli
ted's restaurant catering software testimonial


"The system will help your business stand out from your competition. It is an easy, convenient system that your customers will be able to use, and you’ll be spending less time in the office, and more time building customer relations."


Beba Touloupis, Ted's Restaurant
smokey john's bar-b-que catering software testimonial


"When we started I was just using a basic excel spreadsheet template to create invoices.  It was good for the time but CaterZen has changed my life.  We have grown from my brother & I creating invoices to now having a catering coordinator and a salesperson.  When we first started we were doing a little over $200,000 in catering.  Last year we did over $500,000 in catering."


Brent Reaves, Smokey John's Bar-B-Que
casa mias catering


"Before coming to CaterZen, I had to use 3 different software programs which was time-consuming and redundant. CaterZen has simplified the whole process. In the last two years, my online orders have increased 22%. I also find customers placing larger orders."


Joe Carolan, Casa Mia's
joe knows lunch catering


"We are a family-owned restaurant that specializes in corporate lunch delivery and catering and we have been with CaterZen for 4 years. Before CaterZen, we didn’t really have any good way of tracking our catering customers separately from our regular delivery customers. Now, with CaterZen we have a great client management system. We are able to create professional customer invoices and quotes. I have been told on more than one occasion that we were chosen because of how professional and detailed our quotes are."


Jessica Lehrer, Joe Knows Lunch
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