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Build a steady stream of new catering clients and nurture repeat catering sales.  From proven customer acquisition systems to built-in upselling, great catering software should justify your investment every day. Start attracting the right kind of clients that value your business, and will become long term customers.

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Proposals & Quotes

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Desktop Proposals & Quotes

A catering proposal should do far more than communicate the price of an event. It should sell the prospect on doing business with you.

We have turned proposals into selling tools. With the ability to create unlimited proposal templates for any/all of your event types, prospects appreciate you are talking directly to them and addressing their unique needs and concerns. 

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Mobile Proposals & Quotes

The longer it takes to get a proposal created, the greater the odds your competitor gets the booking.

Thanks to CaterZen’s Mobile Order Taking interface, you can instantly create a quote and have it delivered to your prospect’s inbox from everywhere and anywhere you are.

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Online Ordering

No more waiting in line, in person or on the phone.  Not when your clients can place orders, access their event calendar and re-book events from your custom branded online ordering portal.

Eliminate double order entry with a mobile-friendly interface that integrates with your catering software. Instant notifications keep you posted on your newest bookings.

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Reminder Systems

The fortune is in the follow-up! The minute you create a proposal, you can set a reminder to follow up and turn it into a booking.

Increase catering sales by automatically being reminded to re-book an event before your client thinks to look elsewhere. Never before has the click of a mouse been so profitable.

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Eliminate catering sales friction by booking meetings in a single step. 

With our automated meeting scheduling tool, you can simply send a link to your client or prospect to book a meeting at a time that works for them. They have access to your calendar and can see the dates/times you are available. Voila! No more back and forth.

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Plus Many More Features

catering sales software rebooking

Rebooking System

Lock in repeat sales with a rebooking system that reminds you to get your client’s next order.

catering sales software save clients

Save Lost Clients

Eliminate lost clients forever with our system to identify and win back lost/inactive clients.

catering sales software phone tracking

Phone Tracking

All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and attached to customer records and can be played back or emailed for training or quality assurance purposes.

catering sales software analysis

Sales Analysis System

Find future catering clients that resemble your current catering clients. Identify and target new catering markets.

catering sales software email marketing

Email Campaigns

Stay relevant in your customer and prospect inboxes. Built-in email templates puts selling on auto-pilot.

catering sales software analytics


A variety of sales reports allows you to make decisions about product mix, promotional results, employee performance and more.

catering sales software google analytics

Google Analytics

Track how your paid search traffic is converting into sales on your online ordering interface.

catering sales software tracking coupon code

Tracking / Coupon Codes

Generate custom tracking and coupon codes and analyze sources of new and repeat catering sales.

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"CaterZen is just hands down a great tool. In 3 months we had tripled catering sales. So much to the point that our slow season was SLAMMED!"


Vincent Fava, Trinacria Café
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