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Easily create an impactful first impression through our catering proposal building module.  Customize our templates or start from scratch, email the proposal to your prospect, and create an email reminder - all in a few minutes!



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    Unlimited Proposal Templates

    Not every catering event is the same, and the proposals for those events shouldn't be the same either.

    CaterZen offers the ability to build an unlimited number of proposal templates, so you can design as many different types of proposals as you need, without ever having to compromise on quality or content. 

    Every different design can be custom-tailored to include not only your selected menu and custom-built client quote, but your branding will always be prominently visible in your templates as well. 

    Your catering clients don't want to settle when they choose a company for their catering needs. They want a company that is looking to impress, not someone scraping by with the bare minimum.

    unlimited proposal templates


    custom catering quote cover sheet


    Custom Quote Cover Sheet

    Are you worried that because you don't have a degree in graphic design that your cover sheets might come across as amateurish or unprofessional?

    Don't be. When you sign up with CaterZen, our team of experts will design a custom quote cover sheet for you, which you can send out with every order.  From weddings to corporate lunches to baby showers, our designers will create an attractive, appropriate cover sheet for the event you'd like to cater.

    If you want to make changes once the design is done, it's still completely customizable; so if you want to tweak it a little further to appeal to a specific client or event, you’ll have the tools you need to make it happen. Our team members are standing by to make sure the design fits with your vision of the perfect catering proposal. 

    With eye-catching design and company branding at the forefront of every custom concept layout, your proposal is guaranteed to stand out against the competition, every time. 

    Easily Convert Quotes Into Orders

    Using CaterZen's intuitive web platform, your clients can view the quotes that you've sent them anywhere, anytime.

    Turning a quote into an order is as simple as pressing a button. 

    The new order is added directly into the client's account in your CaterZen CRM, and then placed into the queue for your future orders. As soon as it’s confirmed, it’s visible from any of your CaterZen calendars.

    Clients are sent a confirmation email informing them that their order has been processed, and you’re sent a notification to let you know the order has successfully been placed.

    You don't have to even lift a finger.

    Clients are also invoiced a statement of their order, showing the total balance owing, as well as when payment is due. 

    If you've offered the client any discounts, or if they've redeemed any of their loyalty gift certificates, they will be able to see how these have affected their order totals. 

    All of this is done automatically, with no hassle for you.

    No more confusing phone calls. No more miscommunications. No more wasted time.

    convert quote to order catering


    Turn Catering Prospects Into Catering Profits!
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