Christmas Catering Cash

Michael Attias Sep 11, 2019

I grew up in an idyllic neighborhood. Woods, fishing ponds, treehouses, and trails were our domain.

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The Power of Thinking Big

Michael Attias Aug 28, 2019

“Money, income, wealth, prosperity is not really the point.
It is what you are able to create for self and loved ones with it.”

-Dan Kennedy

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Giving Up Too Soon?

Michael Attias Jul 5, 2019

Does "no" mean "no"? Not in selling catering.

Time doesn’t stand still and neither do selling opportunities. Many a dollar are being flushed down your drain by squandering qualified leads.

You spend to get the prospect looking to feed five hundred guests to call you. That chunk of change would pay for a nice upgraded summer vacation. But you lose the deal. Now what?

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Why There Is No Substitute for The Telephone

Michael Attias Jul 2, 2019

Isn’t it funny that most people use their phones for everything and anything except talking?

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Are You The Bottleneck?

Michael Attias Jun 19, 2019

I have never been one of the "first one in, last one out" business owners who sees clocking the most hours as a badge of courage.

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Solving Catering Sales Friction

Michael Attias Jun 12, 2019

SPOILER ALERT: You’ll want to read this entire article to see the two new enhancements we have in our catering software to greatly reduce catering sales friction.

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Michael Attias May 1, 2019

Over the years, I have written an untold number of blog articles and newsletters. Those who have followed me know I have shared the good and bad in my life and maintained a level of transparency.

Saturday morning, April 13th, I received the call. My mom, Gaby Obadia Attias, had passed. After she fell and broke her femur last year, she steadily declined.

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Converting Catering Inquiries Into Sales

Michael Attias Apr 10, 2019

Are you up for a little marketing experiment?

I want you to go to your bank and take out a large stack of fifty-dollar bills. Now go find a large ashtray or bowl and a lighter.

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The Peeping Tom Principle

Michael Attias Feb 20, 2019

I am proud to admit I am a “peeping Tom” of business and of life. The quote by Sydney J. Harris below explains it:

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” 

My entire life I have been fortunate to peep into the proverbial windows of others. As a lifelong learner, I have never been afraid to observe through other’s experiences.

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The Accidental Customer

Michael Attias Feb 6, 2019

Once a quarter, my team comes in from all over for a quarterly planning session. We have hired a consultant who follows and works with us on Traction. If you are unfamiliar, please check out the book entitled Traction by Gino Wickman.

In eighteen months, this process has taken our company to a whole new level; from sales to profits to team development to focus.

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