Generate More Catering Leads With Your Website

Michael Attias Oct 21, 2015

Imagine a proverbial case of free lemons. Most restaurant operators I talk to see a card board box full of sour problems. At minimum they complain, because they have an extra cardboard box to break down. 

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Will Google Kill Your Catering Business?

Michael Attias Apr 8, 2015

At one time, Microsoft ruled the world.

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The Anatomy of A Catering Website

Michael Attias Feb 3, 2015

Growing up in Memphis, my mother would drag my brother, sister and I to Goldsmith’s department store downtown. The first Wednesday of the month was called Clover Day. It was a one day sale that the store used to get rid of returns, overstock and stuff they couldn’t move.

My father taught me to appreciate wrestling, but my mother showed me how it was done. Women would literally grab items out of your hands. My mom could throw elbows and insults with the best of them.

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New Online Ordering In Our Catering Software

Michael Attias Nov 26, 2013

Since day one, we have had online ordering built into our catering software. This allows our clients to make online ordering available to their catering customers.

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Does Famous Build Catering Sales?

Michael Attias Apr 25, 2013
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The Powerball, Happiness & A Free Gift For You!

Michael Attias Nov 29, 2012
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Catering Via S.E.O.

Michael Attias Oct 18, 2012

Unless your primary demographic is the sixty plus crowd, using the Yellow Pages to promote your catering is a major waste of time. I’m not even sure if my kids know what the Yellow Pages are.

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