Dive into Actionable Catering Insights with Michael Attias on the Think Big Podcast

Michael Attias Mar 27, 2024

Recently, I had the opportunity to dive deep into the world of catering and restaurant success with Michael Zellner on the Think Big podcast. Our dialogue spanned a variety of crucial topics, each packed with the potential to significantly impact your business in 2024 and beyond.

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What Are Your Adjectives?

Michael Attias Sep 15, 2021

According to Wikipedia, "The Times They Are a-Changin'" is a song written by Bob Dylan and released as the title track of his 1964 album of the same name. Dylan wrote the song as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time. 

Since I was born in 1965, I have seen and experienced more change in our country, culture and planet; probably exponentially more than in any other 56-year time span in the history of the world.

I may not have always felt comfortable with change, but I feel I have had an open mind and heart.

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A Change In Perspective

Michael Attias Aug 11, 2021

Do you remember the first camera you ever owned? For me, it was a Kodak 110; the kind that took cartridges. I think it was a Bar Mitzvah gift.

At the time, I probably thought I was quite the photographer snapping up pictures in the neighborhood or on a family vacation. But because I had to spring for the film processing, I recall my future as a professional photographer was short-lived.

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Michael Attias May 1, 2019

Over the years, I have written an untold number of blog articles and newsletters. Those who have followed me know I have shared the good and bad in my life and maintained a level of transparency.

Saturday morning, April 13th, I received the call. My mom, Gaby Obadia Attias, had passed. After she fell and broke her femur last year, she steadily declined.

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