Tap Into Windfall Catering Profits From Pharmaceutical Reps

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Free staff lunch is the price of admission pharm reps pay to see doctors to pitch their meds. Make sure you're the one they choose to use.

Download this free guide and learn:

  • How to build a database of every pharm rep in your market without spending a fortune
  • The secret direct mail package that'll get pharm reps wanting to use you for their next lunch
  • How to get pharm reps to become loyal to you and your catering services
  • The secret used to get in front of a room of pharm reps and having them begging you to sell them your catering
  • And much, much more.

Pharm reps and medical reps oftentimes bring in lunch to get in to see the doctor.

Even with tighter regulations, there are still thousands of pharm reps ordering in catering each and every day. Don't you deserve your share of the pie?

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About the Author, Michael Attias



Michael took his 104-seat restaurant just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and built catering sales to over a million dollars a year.

It took Michael over 10 years of trial and error, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment, to create a perfect marketing system to help restaurants build their own million-dollar catering businesses.

He now helps restaurant owners, caterers, and grocery stores run a more profitable catering business by increasing efficiencies, saving time, and increasing sales.