Imagine Your Catering Website... Actually Selling Catering

how successful catering website restaurants are built

Your website needs to be more than attractive.  It needs to be optimized to convert visitors into booked catering events.

Download this guide and learn:

  • How to make sure every visitor can find your catering information
  • The number one thing most caterers hide or leave off their website that costs them a ton of lost sales
  • A powerful secret used by newspapers to help you close more catering deals
  • The who's, what's and why's of mini website billboards
  • Multiple ways to capture hot catering leads predisposed to
  • And much, much more.

You need far more than a basic website to attract and convert internet and search traffic to solid, confirmed bookings. This guide is a playbook you or any web designer can follow to juice up your online catering sales.

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About the Author, Michael Attias



Michael took his 104-seat restaurant just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and built catering sales to over a million dollars a year.

It took Michael over 10 years of trial and error, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment, to create a perfect marketing system to help restaurants build their own million-dollar catering businesses.

He now helps restaurant owners, caterers, and grocery stores run a more profitable catering business by increasing efficiencies, saving time, and increasing sales.