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All-In-One Catering Software for Restaurants

Sell More Takeout & Delivery with CaterZen's Integrated Tools and Systems


From sales to marketing to operations, you and your team will be more productive and increase profits with our powerful web-based catering software and systems.

Features include:

  • Proposal & Quote Generation
  • Online Ordering System
  • VoIP Phone System
  • Delivery Management & Driver’s Mobile App
  • BEO Template Tool
  • Email Marketing
  • Loyalty Rewards Programs
  • And many more!

All features are fully integrated with CaterZen's robust CRM.

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Some of our most popular software features work best with a tablet.  You can easily:

  • keep up with kitchen production reports with a bump screen
  • stay on top of delivery drivers with our delivery management feature

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CaterZen Feature Highlights

Online Ordering System

Whether you offer pick-up, curbside or delivery, our responsive Online Ordering Interface allows your customers to place orders 24/7.

Our designers will custom design your interface to highlight your brand.

With features like pictures of food items and an upsell module, you can start turning web traffic into web orders!





Food Delivery Management System + Driver's Mobile App

“Where’s my delivery order?”

That’s what’s on the mind of your customers.

With CaterZen’s Delivery Manager, you can go head-to-head with well-funded national chains and third-party food delivery marketplaces.

From real-time driver order routing to an app that allows your driver to manage the delivery to real-time driver tracking by your customer, our Delivery Manager will help you grab more than your fair share of the meal delivery market!

BEO Template Tool

Easily add a completely customizable drag and drop BEO template to any order.

Quickly select from our preset BEO Templates, or create your own templates, and save hours a day.

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Grow Your Restaurant Business with CaterZen
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Proposal & Quote Generation

Easily create an impactful first impression through our catering proposal and quote building module. 

Customize our templates or start from scratch, email the proposal to your prospect, and create an email reminder - all in a few minutes!

Rapid Reply

Sends automatic messages through voicemail and SMS when your customers reach a busy signal or get no answer.

The text message includes a link to your online ordering site, so your customer can go ahead and order!

Customers can also leave a voice message, or reply with a text message, and you can continue the text conversation via any device.  Rapid Reply looks and acts like iMessage.






Loyalty Rewards Programs

Reward customers for repeat purchases.

With a two-tiered Loyalty Program that can reward your customers for their orders, as well as reward them for referrals, you can automatically rebate a percentage of the order in electronic gift cards.

Thanks to our partnership with Tango Cards, your customers can choose from over 80 rewards from Amazon to Target.

Email Marketing

Whether you use one of our professionally written templates or create your own, you definitely want to harness the power of email marketing to promote yourself.

Whether it’s a limited time offer or seasonal menu, let your customers know there’s a reason to order again.

Integrated with our CRM, you're able to easily segment your contacts and schedule relevant email campaigns.



Grow Your Restaurant Business with CaterZen
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"CaterZen is so easy to use, my staff can handle details and situations that arise without tracking me down. I can now work on growing my business and having a life."


James Garofalo, The Egg & I