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From sales to marketing to operations, drop-off and off-premise catering co-exist on one platform. You and your team will be more productive and increase profits with our powerful all-in-one catering software and systems designed and built by Michael Attias, the guy who did over a million dollars a year in BBQ catering out of a 104-seat restaurant.


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Online Ordering Interface

Whether you offer pick-up, curbside or delivery, our mobile-enabled Online Ordering Interface allows your customers to place orders 24/7.

Our designers will custom design your interface to highlight your bbq brand.

With features like pictures of your barbecue specialties and an up-sell module, you can start turning web traffic into web orders!

bbq online ordering



Food Pics Within Menus

Nothing sells barbecue like pics that make you want to order pulled pork, sliced brisket, ribs and more!

You can include a food pic with any/all menu items, as well as your up-sell items.

Images scale for mobile-friendly ordering.

bbq online ordering software



Food Delivery Management System

“Where’s my barbecue catering?”

That’s what’s on the mind of your customers.

With CaterZen’s Delivery Manager, you can go head-to-head with well-funded national chains, local bbq competitors and third-party food delivery marketplaces.

From real-time driver order routing to an app that allows your driver to manage the delivery to real-time driver tracking by your customer, our Delivery Manager will help you grab more than your fair share of the bbq meal delivery market!

E-Loyalty Program

Reward customers for repeat purchases.

With a two-tiered Loyalty Program that can reward your customers for their orders, as well as reward them for referrals, you can automatically rebate a percentage of the order in electronic gift cards.

Thanks to our partnership with Tango Cards, your customers can choose from over 80 rewards from Amazon to Target.

This is a great program to build sales and referrals and help your customers get the biggest bang for their buck.


Over 200 e-gift cards available





Email Marketing

CaterZen has a built-in Email Marketing Module.

Whether you use one of our professionally written templates or create your own, you definitely want to harness the power of email marketing to promote yourself.

Whether it’s a limited time offer or seasonal menu, let your customers know there’s a reason to order your barbecue again.

Start growing your BBQ catering business today!
Take the software for a spin, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough
No credit card required  
"This system was so good, I was in a class, and I recommended it to some other people, and they end up purchasing the system, and then they told me later how much it changed their lives."

Brent Reaves

President, Smokey John's BBQ
CaterZen client since 2015

"Once we moved over to CaterZen, it changed our life from that perspective, and we got to spend more time selling caterings and delivering caterings, than trying to logistically lay everything out."


Joe Davidson

Founder, Oklahoma Joe's
CaterZen client since 2012

Kitchen Production Reports

With our easy-to-create kitchen production recipes, save hours a day creating kitchen production reports. Pull up reports by the order, aggregated by the entire day or any time frame.

Tablet Production Report provides touchscreen checklist to monitor production. Real-time updates flash red to alert kitchen about last minute pop-up orders and daily production totals are updated too.


Learn more about our Kitchen Production Reports >>

bbq kitchen production report


catering order taking

Order Taking

Access existing clients instantly or create new ones on the fly. A streamlined interface makes order taking quick while capturing all relevant information.

An unlimited number of menus, items and modifiers helps prevent missed details. Add delivery addresses, credit cards and menu items all from one screen.

BEO Template Tool

Easily add a completely customizable drag and drop BEO template to any order.

Quickly select from our preset BEO Templates, or create your own templates, and save hours a day.

Learn more about our BEO Template Tool >>


e-signature-catering-contract-2 (1)

E-Signature Catering Contracts

Easily create unlimited customizable catering contracts that clients can sign from their desktops or mobile devices.

Contracts are integrated with the CRM for easy access, an audit review, and the ability to quickly re-send unsigned contracts.

Learn more about our E-Signature Catering Contracts >>

Start growing your BBQ catering business today!
Take the software for a spin, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough
No credit card required  

"It saved us a ton of time on multiple processes when you have - we've got one team taking the order, we have another team routing our drivers to deliver it, and we have another team that's cooking the product and preparing it. CaterZen is able to read between all three, and really make it a cohesive system that they can utilize."


Heather Autry

Sales Manager, Jack Stack Barbecue
CaterZen client since 2019

"I definitely became more efficient once I switched to CaterZen, and that in and of itself allowed me to increase my sales."


David Carter

Catering Director, Shane's Rib Shack
CaterZen client since 2015


No longer will index cards, a spreadsheet or a simple database allow you to convert prospects into customers or ensure your customers stay raving, loyal fans.

You need one place where you can track all emails, phone calls, meetings, orders, quotes, proposals and activities. 



proposal-software (1)


Proposals & Quotes

A catering proposal should do far more than communicate the price of an event. It should sell the prospect on doing business with you.

We have turned proposals into selling tools. With the ability to create unlimited proposal templates for any/all of your event types, prospects appreciate you are talking directly to them and addressing their unique needs and concerns. 

Learn more about our Proposals & Quotes features  >>


Eliminate catering sales friction by booking meetings in a single step. 

With our automated meeting scheduling tool, you can simply send a link to your client or prospect to book a meeting at a time that works for them. They have access to your calendar and can see the dates/times you are available. Voila! No more back and forth.

Learn more about our Book-A-Meeting tool >>




Reminder Systems

The fortune is in the follow-up! The minute you create a proposal, you can set a reminder to follow up and turn it into a booking.

Increase catering sales by automatically being reminded to re-book an event before your client thinks to look elsewhere. Never before has the click of a mouse been so profitable.

Learn more about our Reminder Systems >>

Start growing your BBQ catering business today!
Take the software for a spin, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough
No credit card required  


"I am constantly looking for "tools" that mesh with our processes to meet the need, streamline our day-to-day, AND are built on a philosophy of proactively managing whatever it is I am trying to solve for.

CaterZen has met all the criteria and is truly one of those tools that comes along and changes the landscape. My only regret is that I didn't start on-boarding sooner, as we increased our catering sales in December by 227%!"


Mike Pearce, Slap's BBQ


"I had hired an additional staff member to do a very specific task of making calls to all clients who had orders the next day to confirm the details. CaterZen then added a feature that sent an auto-generated confirmation email the day before the order. I was then able to take the employee I had hired and use her for much more meaningful tasks and this feature basically replaced her job!"


Amber Polk, Soulman's Bar-B-Que


"I can't recommend CaterZen enough to restaurants that want to expand, start or even just organize their catering. We get compliments on our website, the layout of the invoices and the quick response time from online inquiries. Since being with CaterZen, our catering sales have grown over 100%."


Jenn Smiljanovski, Lazybones Smokehouse


"Before using CaterZen, we had no database to keep track of our clients, no marketing to promote our catering services, and virtually no way to track our customer’s invoices or order history.  The software allows us to focus on growing sales and executing the orders so we continue to get referrals from happy, return customers."


Jeremy Hood, David's BBQ & Catering


"When we started I was just using a basic excel spreadsheet template to create invoices.  It was good for the time but CaterZen has changed my life.  We have grown from my brother & I creating invoices to now having a catering coordinator and a salesperson.  When we first started we were doing a little over $200,000 in catering.  Last year we did over $500,000 in catering."


Brent Reaves, Smokey John's Bar-B-Que