A Catering Sales Shot In The Arm

Michael Attias Feb 27, 2014
Michael Attias

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “You’re never a prophet in your own land.”

That is especially true with my son Jerrod. He is wise beyond his years; almost dangerously wise. Though I am happy he will graduate in May with a non adjusted 4.0 taking all honors and AP classes and has become a National Merit Finalist, there are lessons only life can teach.

As a parent, I try to install bits of wisdom gained at the kicking of my butt, or that of my friends. His natural reaction is to politely dismiss me. Down the road, he will often follow my advice when it becomes “his” idea. I don’t need the credit, just potential problems avoided.

Now my members are a different story. Writing, coaching and consulting give me the respect most parents dream of. About a month ago a client named John sent me the following email:

“Holy shit I am in a funk and need some motivation.

We were so busy in December that I didn't plant the seeds for a strong January and now it's February and we are drifting.  I wanted to get up to St Louis, but just can't get away.  (a bunch of my friends & fans are headed up there.)

Do you have a blog post on "5 quick hits to boost sales" you can direct me to?  I just need a kick in the ass to get my brain functioning again.

Thanks & I appreciate everything you do for the catering industry, John”

Reading between the lines of his email, I looked through my blog articles and shot him over a few motivational articles. This guy is sharp. Motivation is was what he really needed. Here’s my reply:

“I don't have any "quick fix" articles, but have attached some motivational ones.

A few ideas:

1. Hit your customer list: Email, call, mail...offer something special.

2. Hit up your inactive customers.

These two are the lowest hanging fruit.

A niche worth going after now: CPA offices for tax time catering opportunities. Schools for sports banquets. Parents of high school seniors for graduation parties.

I am also a big believer in the power of the Top 100. Target the largest 100 companies in your area each month until you own them. Between large events and constant meetings, they're a group worth investing time and money into.

Hope the software is working well for you...a lot of cool things coming down the pike.



Now giving advice is rewarding, but the biggest rewards come from the success of my members. I guess John was able to get something out of my reply. Here’s what he sent me back after taking action. Action is the key word here folks.

“Thought you'd be happy to know.  I went into the office, banged out what I call an "Attias letter" and have booked $1900 since yesterday.. Haha.  Basically it was a "make your own deal" letter and they could pick free brownies, tea or delivery.  Sometimes the old ways still work best.  Thanks for the kick in the ass.”

I can tell you from personal experience, mine and my members, that action wins the day each and every time. Don’t get me wrong. I fail plenty. But I figure out what went wrong and fix it or change strategies. Give me a scrappy person willing to not give up, and I’ll take them over a know it all who sits on their ass.

The year 2014 is one sixth over. What do you plan on doing with the rest of it?

If you need a catering sales shot in the arm, then you need to stop what you're doing now and go to Frank D'Antona and I are putting on a seminar at his restaurant just outside of Baltimore, Maryland entilted:


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We were at max capacity at my latest seminar in St. Louis. With a hard limit of forty attendees, this one is sure to sell out. For those of you unfamiliar with Frank, he found me years ago, applied the marketing and systems I provide and has grown his catering profit center by over 18 times.

Not only will there be a Q&A session with Frank, he'll be serving us one of his drop-off lunch packages. For those of you newer to catering, this will be an added bonus. Please don't dilly dally. Go to for details and sign up today!

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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