Catering To The Water Crowd

Michael Attias Jun 4, 2014
Michael Attias

In the mid 90’s I decided to take up sailing. I really didn’t want to invest a minimum of ten grand to buy a boat. Running a restaurant didn’t leave me a lot of time to worry about cleaning and maintaining a boat.

What’s better than owning a boat? Having a friend who owns a boat.

Hamilton Creek Marina, on Percy Priest Lake is one of the major sailing marinas in Nashville. I decided to hang out there to check out the boats and learn about sailing.

The Percy Priest Yacht Club races every Wednesday night. I was told to show up before the race, and someone would need a crew member. I ended up meeting and crewing for a semi-retired gentleman named Les.

We usually ended up in dead last, but enjoyed an evening of food, beer and sailing.

Not too long after getting into Wednesday night races, I met a guy named Hank who owned a Beneteau. It was a fast, new boat.

Hank and I would take off early from work one or two days a week and head out sailing. Each summer we would trailer his boat up to Lake Michigan and sail for a few weeks.

Hank became one of my best friends. He decided to sell his boat and get into motorcycle racing. Unless they have training wheels, I need to stay away.

As summer begins, I know I’ll make it out to the lake. This summer will probably involve a pontoon boat or two. Whether someone sails or has a power boat, food is always part of the equation. It’s like inviting people to your home and failing to have snacks.

On a recent coaching call, a member who owns a sub shop told me about his plans to market his catering to boat owners.

Making drop-off catering packages available to boat owners is brilliant!

Getting out on to the lake is an ordeal; kids, guests, fuel, ice, beer, water, cleaning, food, etc., etc.

If you can simplify the process, you can make some money with this niche.

Start by putting together some per person catering menus. Offer up canned drinks and ice. Boat owners have more disposable income than the average person. If you package and market it properly, you can have a nice catering profit stream for the summer.

Try contacting the local area marinas to partner up. They have direct access to each boat owner and their contact info. They’d probably be happy to refer you business for a small referral fee.

If your establishment is on the way to the lake, make sure and have a nice banner or sign to promote your Boat Catering packages.

Building up your catering profit center is not difficult. By using niches like this, you increase your catering sales without spending a fortune on marketing.    

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

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