The Easy Way To Stay Top Of Mind With Catering Clients

Michael Attias Nov 23, 2011
Michael Attias

Not many people know I was born in Paris, France. My father was recruited by a U.S. company to move to Memphis for a job. At the ripe old age of two and a half, I came to this country. One of the first families my parents met had a son my age named Stephen. Stephen and I went to the same school through nursery school, elementary school, high school and college. In fact, it took us both five years to graduate from Memphis State.

Stephen went on to law school. Thankfully, I did not. For years Stephen has been asking me for ideas to build his law practice. One of the least expensive and most effective marketing strategies is a newsletter for clients. It’s a great way to stay top of mind and educate them to your other offerings and promotions.

A few days ago Stephen was telling me about a casual acquaintance of his. From time to time she would call him up with simple legal questions or need his help with a small traffic ticket. He’s helped her on and off at no cost for around four years.

He recently ran into her and she told him about her boyfriend being in a bad car accident, Stephen’s specialty. She wanted to refer him to Stephen, but couldn’t find his contact information.

Obviously, Stephen was upset that after all of this “free” legal work over the years, she didn’t track him down. Without rubbing it in too badly, I let Stephen know it was his fault. For years I’ve been telling him to send out a small client newsletter to stay top of mind. You never know when a friend has a legal problem. Stephen wants his clients to think of him first and make a referral.

Now I’m guessing Stephen still won’t take my advice. You know what they say, “You’re never a prophet in your own land.”

Now if you want to profit from my advice, I suggest you create your own monthly catering newsletter. I like an oversized post card design. This allows you to create something that is a quick read. Don’t make it 100% sales.

Entertain your clients. At Restaurant Catering Systems, we will be launching a turnkey catering client (and prospect) newsletter that gets sent out automatically from our catering software each month to the subset of your list you pick.

The licensed content will have a very funny cartoon and jokes printed on a 5”x8” full color glossy postcard. It’s totally branded for your restaurant/catering company. Whether you let our catering software handle getting your newsletter or do it yourself, make sure you are sending one out each month.

You don’t want to spend all of this time prospecting and making clients…to be forgotten when a caterer is needed.

To Your Restaurant's Marketing & Catering Success,


Michael Attias

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