A Luxury For Your Catering Clients

Michael Attias Dec 4, 2012
Michael Attias

Even in tough economic times, we all love a little luxury, or treat if you will. It could be as simple as a piece of Godiva chocolate or a massage.

Some times it doesn’t cost you to treat yourself.

I am not a big fan of winter, unless there are skis strapped to my feet in Utah. There is nothing worse than getting out of a hot shower and wrapping yourself in a cold towel.

The other day, I followed my same routine. While I was shaving, I threw my towel into the dryer to heat it up. I love a piping hot towel. It is a small luxury.

Well, this particular morning, someone (me) forgot to pull the towel out before jumping in the shower. I turned off the water, pulled back the curtain…and no towel.

I hand squeegeed the excess water off and ran to the laundry room. Not a pretty sight. Sorry. No pics.

Then and there I decided to get myself a Brookstone towel warmer. With my Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon, it set me back around eighty bucks. Amortized over a few winters, it was a bargain for a daily luxury.

catering towel warmer resized 600

There’s a little luxury you can gift to all of your best catering clients.

Whenever we catered a full service event, we would present our client with a little gift before leaving. We gave them a bottle of our barbecue sauce and a twenty-five dollar gift certificate.

Here’s the script my catering captains would use:

“Mrs. Jones, we know you worked hard to put on this event and didn’t get to enjoy yourself as much as your guests. We wanted to give you a bottle of our barbecue sauce to enjoy the taste of Corky’s at home. We also want to give you this twenty-five dollar gift certificate, so you can enjoy a great meal, when you have time to relax and enjoy it. We really appreciate your business!”

I would use this idea in addition to a catering loyalty program like RCS automatically manages for you.

It is this little unexpected luxury, a treat to your restaurant, which builds lifelong clients, not just one shot customers.

The holiday parties are happening. You can start this today to ensure a great 2013!

And don’t forget to take the time to treat yourself to a little luxury. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

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