Guaranteed Way To Fail With Catering

Michael Attias Jan 16, 2013
Michael Attias

As I get older, I am quickly realizing why people choose to winter in Florida. Though we have larger brains, birds are much smarter. They have enough sense to get out of the cold.

Last Saturday, the Nashville weather was perfect. No jacket required. Sunday, the rain gods pissed on our city. My calm, tranquil creek went from three feet wide to over twenty feet (see pic below).

catering flood resized 600

A few months ago, the creek was that wide, and Jordyn and I looked outside and saw two nuts canoeing down the short term rapids. I wish I had been invited. It looked like a blast. But knowing my luck, I would have ended up on a future episode of 1001 Ways To Die.

My chosen method of death is not G rated, and I’d like to be 100.

Flash flood warnings were all over TV. A friend asked me if I was worried about the waters flooding into my home. Three years ago Nashville had a big flood that affected a ton of homes. Back then, the waters made it up to my driveway.

Based on my amateur meteorological assessment, we’d need at least two and a half more days of non-stop rain for me to load up a U-Haul and get out.

So, what may have caused others to panic, didn’t even cause me a second thought. Why? Experience.

I call it failing forward.

What is the #1 way guaranteed to cause failure in growing catering? Do nothing!

So often, people are paralyzed to make a decision. They are scared of not doing it right. Do they have enough time or money? I don’t want to spend the money…yet I have yet to pay myself a decent salary or enjoy a real vacation.

For Pete’s sake. Stop whining. Stop looking into the headlights of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

The fact is, this Monday night’s fr,ee webinar entitled:

The 7 Steps To A 7 Figure Catering Profit Center: How To Build A Million Dollar Catering Business In A Tough Economy is full of ideas that will cost you zero to implement.

(Details at )

If you make a bad move. Adjust. That’s the name of the business game. I fail daily. Actually, I call it learning lessons.

If your catering menu sucks. Adjust it. Get feedback from customers and tweak.

If a marketing piece bombs, try something else.

Catering is too important and too profitable to bury your head in the sand. If 2012 wasn’t your year, what will you do in 2013 to make it better?

And whining doesn’t count. As I have told my daughter many a times as she had crocodile tears running down her face, “Are you a winner or a whiner? Whiners never win and winners never whine!”

I don’t give a flip about what congress and the president do. I’ll figure out how to course correct when I need to. What I do know, is that people who get off their duffs and make things happen, have fewer problems.

If you’ve read this far, I’m betting you’re a winner, not a whiner. Please grab one of the 100 slots for my webinar this Monday…before a whiner does.

Register now!

Looking forward to helping you build a more profitable 2013!

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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