Is School Out For Summer?

Michael Attias Jun 13, 2013
Michael Attias

What in the world happened to summer?

When I was a kid, school was out just before Memorial Day and you didn’t go back until the day after Labor Day. Summer seemed to last a year…and the school year felt like three.

My kids, Jerrod and Jordyn, get eight weeks of summer vacation, returning the first of August. Really? It should be against the law to start school on a hundred degree day.

There was no such thing as summer reading or homework back in my day. My mother spent all summer nagging me to read a book…anything…even the Yellow Pages.

I actually did find enjoyment in the Hardy Boys mysteries. I had the bright idea to turn it into a TV show. Someone beat me to the punch without sending me a royalty check.

My kids will read more books this summer for school, than I probably did in all of high school.

Thank God for Cliff Notes and movies. Only by the grace of God did I make it out of high school.

Since I graduated college, and found a whole new world of marketing and advertising, I have become a serious student. I do a whole lot of reading these days. Isn’t it funny how much studying someone will do if interested in the subject matter?

Maybe our schools could learn a thing or two.

What will you be doing this summer?

Between working and vacation, will you make some time to “sharpen your saw”; learn something that’ll help you make or save more money?

Well Les Draper is one of those guys who is a lifelong learner.

Les first discovered Restaurant Catering Systems in 2009. Thanks to our catering systems, he took his catering sales from $100,000 a year to $225,000 in just one year. And remember, that was promoting it part time.

Fast forward to a year ago. After selling his restaurant, Whole Foods hired Les to build their catering sales out of one of their stores. Thanks to his hard and smart work and RCS, he tripled sales for his store.

RCS may have given him the tools, but he put in the time to learn the system. It’s made a world of difference in his life.

Last week Les came on board at Restaurant Catering Systems as a full time Catering Sales Consultant. He believed so much in our mission, that he traded a corporate job for the opportunities here.

Whole Foods was so sad to see him go, that they’ve kept him on as a part time consultant.

I know Les will be a big asset to our current and future clients. He has a ton of real world experience to share.

In fact, Les was part of a webinar I conducted this past January entitled:

Seven Steps To A Seven Figure Catering Profit Center

How To Build A Million Dollar Catering Profit Center In A Tough Economy

He was a client then, but was generous enough to share some lessons he’s learned along the way.

In honor of him joining the team and in honor of you joining your kids in a little “education” this summer (profitable education that is), we will be replaying this popular webinar:

Monday night, June 17, 2013 at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain and 4pm Pacific.

To register for this free webinar replay, just go to:

But hurry, space is limited to 100 attendees.

You will learn:

~ The six elements necessary to create a winning catering menu

~ The first place to start marketing your catering for less than $100

~ The 7 elements of a successful Catering Lead Generation website (Guess what? None of your competitors are using them)

~ How to find red, hot catering prospects in your market and the two things you must do to turn them into catering customers

~ The most overlooked element of catering success that will cost you $0 to fix

~ The six low cost tactics to turn one time catering customers into long term, loyal catering clients who gladly refer you new business

~ Plus much, much more.

So right now, go to to grab one of the 100 spots.

Please join me in welcoming Les to the RCS family. And in his honor, I hope you can make this replay.

So right now, go to to grab one of the 100 spots.

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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