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Michael Attias Oct 31, 2013
Michael Attias

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but I am sad my kids are too old to go trick or treating.

Jerrod and Jordyn would come home with enough Snickers to keep me happy for quite a while.

Whether you’re nine or ninety-nine, everyone likes getting a treat.

Many of our clients swing by local offices in the afternoon and do cookie drops. Showing up with cookies, brownies or some other sweet treat when most office workers need a sugar pick-me-up, is a great way to get in front of catering decision makers.

We turnkey a lot of marketing materials to help our clients build catering sales. One such item is what we call the “Can Label”. This is a custom designed label that can be affixed to most canned goods. By using the word “Can” in reference to what we “can” do for you with our catering, it provides a low cost, cute way to stay in front of prospects. Many people will use these cans as a low cost, high impact ad specialty that doubles as a paper weight.

(See picture of “cans” used for an in store display below)

catering cans resized 600

Yesterday I was conducting a catering consult call for a prospective client with zPizza, and I shared the can label idea with her. She loved it, but gave me an idea to make it equally good or better.

By emptying the can and affixing the label we provide, the can may be used as a pencil or pen holder. I suggested providing whole coffee beans to put at the bottom of the can. I’ve seen coffee shops do this, so it will hold the pens and pencils. The smell of fresh coffee beans is loved by everyone.

If you choose to use this idea, I would package the whole coffee beans in a zip lock bag and place it at the bottom of the can. Just make sure and let everyone know what to do with the can and beans.

Whether you hand out cans, magnets or some other ad specialty, make sure you have some leave behind that keeps you top of mind with your prospects.

If you’re not going to be their number one choice, make sure you are always top of mind and their number two choice. That way you’ll be the one they call, when their needs change.

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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