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Michael Attias Jan 14, 2014
Michael Attias

We all have a preferred method for taking in data. As it relates to calendars, some people work best from a daily view, while others prefer a monthly view. Personally, I like to look at my week at a glance. This allows me to see what's happening a few days in advance to plan accordingly.

In order to help our catering software clients become more productive, we added an Overview Tab to our catering software. This allows you to view all your orders for a date range in a spreadsheet type view. There are hyperlinks built in to take you straight to the ticket or the customer record.

You can subtotal on any of the columns for a down and dirty recap report. This report can be exported in Excel for manipulation and analysis.

We've also added the ability to batch print order tickets, delivery directions and kitchen production reports for each order in the report. Imagine you have 4 catering orders going out tomorrow. As opposed to opening each ticket one at a time and printing the ticket, then the delivery directions and finally the kitchen production report...a few clicks of the mouse and all your vital tickets and reports for the entire day (or range of days) pops up as a PDF you can print all at once.

Check out the brief video below for a brief overview:


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