Givers vs. Takers

Michael Attias Dec 9, 2014
Michael Attias

Whether you are religious and believe in tithing or are a subscriber to the laws of the universe and believe in paying it forward, the concept of giving dates back to the dawn of civilization.

As a kid growing up in Memphis, I had many Christian friends who would tithe. The idea of giving ten percent of your income to charity was mind boggling at the time. 

Seeing my parents struggle through bankruptcy, I saw money as a finite resource not to be squandered. Tithing was as foreign to me as the cast of Star Wars. 

I can’t tell you what caused it or when it happened, but at a certain point in my life my attitude about giving changed. The pie is not limited. If I give you a piece, I’m not a slice down. The world will lead me to a pie twice as large. 

There is no joy or satisfaction in being a taker. There are people who fall on hard times and need a helping hand. But for your sustenance to come via others, when you are able is detrimental. 

There is a sense of accomplishment from doing it yourself. To deny someone that experience is plain wrong. 

I live in an inner city transitional neighborhood. We have everything from soccer moms in Audi’s to SWAT teams raiding my neighbors home(now that was cool to watch).

There is a church that sits across the street from my home. I’ve become friends with Reverend Randy. Though I don’t subscribe to his religion, I am all for what his church stands for and the great community outreach done in our neighborhood.

A few weeks ago he invited me and my family to his church for a Thanksgiving dinner a few nights before the holiday. I asked what he needed.

He was in need of four hundred to go boxes and cutlery kits, as they were going to feed families in our neighborhood. Running out to Sam’s Club to get these supplies was better than any gift I could receive.

The fact my kids volunteered to help serve with zero arm twisting was incredible.


As corny as it sounds, I am humbled by the fact God/the universe has blessed me with the ability to be a giver. As a kid living in a home going through bankruptcy, I was the recipient of generosity of my friends’ families. From lunch at McDonald’s to a movie, others paid for me.

I did not like the feeling. To this day, I bend over backwards to make sure I’m not on the taking end. 

If you believe the media, all the rich are miserly and do nothing but sit around and count their money.

That is so far from the truth. I have a group of friends who are as successful, if not more so than myself. Each one of them gives back…like my landlord friend who received a call from a tenant saying he couldn’t pay rent in December so his kids could have Christmas.  

As opposed to throwing him out into the cold, he’s deferring rent until his tax refund check comes in.

Or my friend who offered a recently fired single mom a zero interest loan to help her through a rough patch.

And please don’t think the “rich” give for the tax break. Would you give a dollar to save fifty cents in taxes?

Those blessed with abundance understand giving back is part of the package. It’s the unspoken deal you make for success. And they aren’t doing it expecting anything in return.

I have seen this played out so many times, it’s crazy. The vast majority of the “rich” I know get a greater sense from giving back than most anything else.

As 2015 approaches, we can talk about goal setting, focusing on selling more catering and the best marketing strategies, but the best tool I know of is giving back.

As you start to visualize your 2015, picture what your life would be like giving. How would you feel knowing you helped someone out in true need?

What pride would you get from passing on a giving legacy to your children?

Given the choice, we would all prefer to not need to be “takers”.

Moving forward commit to being a giver. Your financial and non-financial payback is infinite!    

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

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