How Long Can You Tread Water?

Michael Attias Feb 10, 2012
Michael Attias

catering software treading resized 600What are your earliest childhood memories? For me, there are three; all at about three years old:

1. I remember climbing into the front seat of my father’s car and pushing the buttons on the transmission…the car started to roll downhill towards the house. I don’t remember anything after that.

2. I remember crawling under the front porch of my parent’s house, finding a bottle of turpentine and drinking it. I vividly recall being wheeled into the ER on a gurney and getting my stomach pumped.

3. I remember a summer day by the pool, and I jumped in. I had to be pulled out.

I am sure there is a psychological significance to my earliest memories. For me, it’s more curiosity, than attraction to danger. To this day, I remain a very curious person.

Luckily, I have avoided out of control cars and ingesting toxic liquids.

I even learned how to swim. On the swim team as a kid, I always enjoyed the water.

I think I learned how to tread water at summer day camp. Though if forced to, I could tread water a long time…but who wants to spend their time on a proverbial water treadmill. I want to go somewhere.

I was talking with a hopefully future member today, and she was on the fence about moving forward with our system. Ultimately, it’s her decision whether we’re a fit for her philosophically, financially and timing wise.

The one thing we both agreed on was that running a restaurant is like swimming.

Hopefully, you are moving forward, making up ground like the one mile swim I accomplished at Boy Scout Camp.

Unfortunately, many operators are treading water. They may not be drowning, but they’re not making progress either. Occasionally, they may go through a tough patch of “treading water” and end up under water for a while…bobbing up, catching breath and treading water again…

How long can you tread the proverbial water of running your restaurant? What will you do to move forward?

I don’t care if you dog paddle or can swim the 100 meter faster than Mark Spitz. You just have to do something.

I talked to a different potential member yesterday, and she has taken the advice in these articles over the last three years and moved forward with her catering.

It’s the same free advice at your fingertips.

So here’s my challenge to you: Move forward with your catering and marketing! I don’t care if it takes you all weekend to create a catering table tent or you spend three afternoons next week doing cookie drops.

You have the power to quit treading water. Otherwise, the day will come…no energy, no will, no hope…and your business will end up at the bottom of the ocean next to Davey’s Locker.

Do you find this article a bit upsetting? Good. Get up off your assets and make something happen.

For those of you already making things happen, glad you’re moving forward. Restaurant Catering Systems in on the beach waiting for you…with an ice cold Corona and lime (my favorite)!

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