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Michael Attias Jun 13, 2012

It’s 5:15am at the Tulsa Airport. I’m flying back to Nashville for a day and a half of work, before I head back out to take my kids on a cruise.

Sysco just had me present at one of their food shows at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It was a great place to stay, despite almost getting arrested.

I was meeting my client and his team for dinner Sunday night in the lobby, and they asked me to join them to get a glimpse of the ice carver working on the show displays. A member of the Hard Rock team escorted us back stage like a group of rock stars.

I am in awe of ice carvers. This guy was able to take a block of ice and carve it into a giant Hard Rock guitar logo (see video below). As we were admiring his handy work, in came casino security.

If you’ve ever seen Ocean’s Eleven, you know casinos have extremely sophisticated and tight security. The security officer asked us to follow him. No other words were spoken.

For a little while, we thought we were going to end up in jail. You see, this casino is owned by the Cherokee Nation. It’s its own sovereignty. They have their own jail under the casino.

Luckily for us, we were only taken to the security entrance to receive vendor badges. Secretly, I wanted to end up in jail. It would have made for a much better blog article.

While in Tulsa, I spent the afternoon with Joe Davidson and his wife Paige. Joe is quite an accomplished BBQ guy. He started and sold the Oklahoma Joe’s grill company. He has won a ton of bbq championships and is founder of Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ.

Before opening his restaurant, he started and still runs a team building company based on teaching bbq cooking competition classes. Hopefully Joe will agree to an interview one day for our Profit Points series.

During our meeting, Paige asked my thoughts about text emails versus HTML (the ones with pictures). I follow a lot of internet and marketing gurus. The general consensus is to use text if you want to maximize your chance of getting your message opened, read and acted upon.

Think about it. An HTML email usually has to be downloaded. It screams, “I am an ad!”

How do you communicate with your friends and business associates? Right. You use text based emails.

This little tip will save you a lot of time and effort designing emails. Make sure you use a subject line that will get attention. The subject line is the headline for your email.

How often should you email your catering clients and prospects? Once, no more than twice a month is a good rule of thumb to stay top of mind without being a pest.

I have a few clients who have mastered the use of email. They weave stories of their lives, families, hobbies and food into their communication. People want to be entertained. They want to relate to a real person, not a cardboard, faceless chain.

Don’t forget to use targeted email to let your dining room customers know about catering opportunities during peak times like Super Bowl, Graduation, 4th of July and Holiday Party season.

Thanks to cell phones and laptops, it takes no time at all to write an email to boost sales. This one took 22 minutes.

Well That’s All For This Issue!

Michael Attias

Restaurant Catering Software

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