How Hacienda Catering Company Uses CaterZen to Optimize Event Coordination and Client Relations

Michael Attias Feb 7, 2024
Michael Attias

Event coordination in the catering industry demands precision, efficiency, and a touch of personalization. At Hacienda Catering Company in St. Louis, MO, these elements are crucial to delivering memorable experiences. Lucy Plattner, the company's Event Coordinator, shares her journey of leveraging CaterZen's robust catering software features to streamline operations and elevate client engagement.


Streamlining Catering Operations with Precision

Lucy emphasizes the indispensable role of  CaterZen's kitchen production report feature in transforming her event coordination efforts. She appreciates how, upon entering her specific formulas for dishes such as chimichangas and quesadillas, the system automatically calculates the necessary quantities for each event. This automation not only removes the burden of manual portion calculations, but also affords Lucy the precision and time savings needed to focus on designing memorable experiences, enabling her to concentrate on the broader aspects of event planning without getting ensnared in the minutiae of preparation details.

Enhancing Marketing with Integrated Features

CaterZen's sophisticated CRM capabilities have been pivotal in enhancing the marketing initiatives at Hacienda Catering Company. The platform facilitates seamless communication with clients through its integrated mass emailing feature, demonstrating an acute awareness of the importance of efficient and effective outreach in nurturing client relationships.


"I really appreciate how CaterZen stores contact information and simplifies sending out mass emails to all our clients. It's been a game-changer for my marketing efforts."

Lucy Plattner, Event Coordinator, Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Unparalleled Support System

Lucy speaks highly of the exceptional support provided by the CaterZen team, highlighting their quick responsiveness and adeptness at addressing any concerns she encounters. She marvels at the team's ability to offer immediate assistance, which significantly alleviates the pressures of her busy schedule. 

Additionally, the interactive town hall meetings for clients hosted by CaterZen are a source of continuous learning and improvement for Lucy. These sessions offer insights into what other restaurants and caterers are doing nationwide, fostering a community of shared knowledge and best practices.

Lucy credits the team behind the software for making her workflow seamless and straightforward, turning CaterZen into more than just a software solution—it's a partnership that fosters success.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

Hacienda Catering Company's experience with CaterZen mirrors the successful journey of our many happy clients, showcasing the software's ability to transform catering operations. Lucy Plattner's story is a testament to the efficiency, enhanced client engagement, and supportive community CaterZen provides. As Hacienda continues to deliver exceptional events with ease, CaterZen stands as a pivotal element in their success.

For catering businesses looking to replicate Hacienda's success, take the software for a spin by signing up for a 30-day free trial or a "non-demo demo", or if you're a current CaterZen client and want to explore how you can better leverage CaterZen, schedule a personalized quick-start training session.

Discover more about how CaterZen is reshaping the catering industry by checking out client testimonials and case studies, offering direct insights from those who've seen their businesses flourish with CaterZen.

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