New Catering Software Feature: Quickbooks Integration

Michael Attias May 20, 2020

One of the most requested features for CaterZen's catering software is officially live:  Quickbooks integration!

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New Catering Software Feature: Refund Management

Michael Attias May 14, 2020

We're always working hard to enhance our catering software, and today we're excited to announce a new feature:  refund management!

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5 Compelling Reasons for Offering Delivery Through CaterZen Instead of a Third-Party App

Michael Attias Apr 30, 2020

I don’t need to convince you that food delivery is the key to your success during this critical moment in our industry.

But perhaps you’ll need some convincing why CaterZen’s takeout and food delivery management software will provide much greater benefits to your business than other third-party delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub.

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New Free Book Will Help You Pivot Toward Food Delivery

Michael Attias Apr 22, 2020

This year, the world as we knew it has changed, especially for the restaurant and catering industry. Social distancing caused tens of thousands of catered events to be canceled, and dining rooms to close.

It caused many restaurants and caterers to pivot to get through a crisis with no set end date.

As a result, CaterZen made a pivot of its own with our software and created a resource to help our clients, future clients and family in this industry find new found profits.

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Kitchen Display Bump Screen System with New Sound Notification

Michael Attias Apr 10, 2020
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Combatting The Coronavirus Crisis With Food Delivery Software [WEBINAR REPLAY]

Michael Attias Mar 20, 2020

We at CaterZen are mobilizing quickly to actively support restaurants to keep afloat during this tumultuous time.  As this situation evolves, we are evolving to support our foodservice community.

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A Tale of Coronavirus: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Michael Attias Mar 18, 2020

No matter your personal opinion on the Coronavirus, it’s inevitable that it’s going to have an impact on your business; for the next little while, at least.

We’ve already had one client tell us that they’re worried about losing their business if sales suddenly dry up. There’s a lot of panic in the air.

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How To Create Custom Catering Menus for Specific Clients

Michael Attias Mar 11, 2020

For many caterers trying to grow their businesses, competition is fierce.

There are always lots of catering options for any potential clients, but sometimes clients don't want what everyone is offering.

They need something custom-tailored to fit their needs.

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You'll Never Feel Lost With a Well-Tuned Catering Venue Manager

Michael Attias Mar 4, 2020

It’s easy to be comfortable at your home base.

Everything you need is at your fingertips. But that’s not usually how catering works. A lot of it takes place outside your comfort zone.

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Niche Catering: The Epitome of Effective Target Marketing

Michael Attias Feb 26, 2020

When I first opened my restaurant in 1992, I wasn't thinking about niche markets.

In fact, back then, I had never even heard of Black Friday. I'm a buyer, not a shopper.

But when a local department store, Dillard's, called my restaurant to order a drop-off catering for approximately two hundred people, it piqued my curiosity.

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