Kitchen Printer Integration for Catering Receipts

Michael Attias Oct 7, 2020

We’ve taken another big step to help our clients with their takeout and delivery business.

We've excited to announce that CaterZen has partnered with Star Micronics, and our catering software is now integrated with the TSP654II high-speed thermal receipt printer.

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New Game-Changing Tool Will Salvage Your Lost Calls

Michael Attias Sep 23, 2020

Studies show that 34% of potential customers who call you and get a busy signal or no answer will simply call your competitor, instead.

No surprise, right? Customers are hungry - why would they wait until they can get someone on the line, when they can just call the next guy?

You're losing ONE THIRD of your potential customers!

But CaterZen has a new way to make sure your customers stick around when you're on the phone with another customer, or unavailable to answer the phone.

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New Online Ordering System Feature Enhancements - Part 2

Michael Attias Aug 12, 2020

While the pandemic continues to affect the food service industry, we're doing whatever we can to help you through this challenging time, to make your business more profitable and earn more revenue.

Since takeout, curbside and delivery services are keeping many restaurants afloat, we’ve added even more features to our popular online ordering system, fully-integrated with the rest of our catering software.

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Increase Your Restaurant Profits With CaterZen’s Online Ordering System

Michael Attias Jul 30, 2020

I thought the two months my girlfriend and I were quarantined this spring would set the record for the most takeout ordered in my life.

I was wrong.

Almost seven weeks ago, she developed COVID-19. My case started four days after hers.

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New Catering Software Plan for Online Ordering & Delivery Management

Michael Attias Jul 2, 2020

In an effort to further support restaurants and caterers affected by the Coronavirus crisis, CaterZen is introducing a new catering software plan that includes a turnkey system to efficiently take online orders and manage your deliveries, takeout and curbside pickup orders.

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New Online Ordering System Feature Enhancements - Part 1

Michael Attias Jun 24, 2020

Since offering takeout, curbside and delivery has become a crucial component to restaurant and catering businesses in this current climate, we’ve further upgraded our online ordering platform to make the process even easier for your clients.

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Catering Software Feature Highlight: Autopilot SEO Reviews

Michael Attias Jun 17, 2020

Getting reviews for your restaurant or catering business is one of the most important activities you can do to improve your catering marketing.

CaterZen’s catering software has made the arduous process for getting client reviews completely automated. We also ensure that your reviews are optimized for search engines and prospects.

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New Catering Software Feature: Sales Tax Management

Michael Attias Jun 11, 2020

This week, we are introducing another new feature to our catering software: a powerful sales tax management module.

Caterers need different tax rates based on different tax areas or items or tax agencies, so we’ve upgraded your ability to handle taxation in CaterZen.

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New Catering Software Feature: Quickbooks Integration

Michael Attias May 20, 2020

One of the most requested features for CaterZen's catering software is officially live:  Quickbooks integration!

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New Catering Software Feature: Refund Management

Michael Attias May 14, 2020

We're always working hard to enhance our catering software, and today we're excited to announce a new feature:  refund management!

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