peeping tom principle

The Peeping Tom Principle

Michael Attias Feb 20, 2019
Michael Attias

I am proud to admit I am a “peeping Tom” of business and of life. The quote by Sydney J. Harris below explains it:

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” 

My entire life I have been fortunate to peep into the proverbial windows of others. As a lifelong learner, I have never been afraid to observe through other’s experiences.

I have never feared to stick my face into multiple windows of learning. But in many cases I have been bold enough to lift the glass, poke my head in and question the homeowner, so to speak.

I have been accused of childlike curiosity and having the chutzpah to ask anyone any question. In the interest of learning and growing, I consider myself a master interviewer.

Everything you want to know/do lies through someone else’s window. Whether through a book or an in-person conversation, you are close to whatever knowledge you seek.

Paying It Forward

When I opened my restaurant in 1992, I had zero experience managing, opening and building a business. I was never scared to ask questions, read books and learn at the feet of the masters. 

Bill Marvin, The Restaurant Doctor, held the first restaurant seminar I attended sponsored by the Tennessee Restaurant Association. Ironically, years later we would share the stage at national seminars.

As a proud Peeping Tom, I transitioned into teaching others how to peep.

For those of you who have followed me since my early years speaking, you know at one time I published a marketing newsletter and audio newsletter (back issues available to our Marketing Pro Plus catering software clients at

I have conducted over one hundred audio interviews over my career for my members. The feedback and praise have been widespread. I have been blessed with the gift of delving deep.

I was fortunate to have interviewed Don Pelts, the man who started Corky’s BBQ. Don was a mentor to me and believed in me enough to help me get one of the first Corky’s franchises.

Don passed away. Please read my tribute to him here.

This world is too small.

A few weeks ago, I was mentioned in a LinkedIn post by a former subscriber, Michael Ungaro.

Please read Michael’s post below:

Grow Your Catering Company By Exploring How Others Succeed

People paid me for permission to play Peeping Tom into my world and insights.

How many monetized on the incredible open window experiences provided?

Like life, probably very few.

Wherever you want to take your catering company, someone else has forged the path. There is no excuse to not be successful in this country.

The answers to all your questions lie through peeping into the windows of others.

Abandon your arrogance. We never know it all. Never stop learning, or you will shrivel on the vine.

In the words of one of the most successful basketball coaches in history, John Wooden:

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

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