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Not All Catering Software is Created Equally

Before you commit dollars and valuable time (worth more than your dollars) to a new catering software system, take the time to review the major differences between CaterZen and The Other Guys... then make up your mind.



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The Other Guys

Their Base Fee is Just the Beginning
of What You'll Pay

Unlimited Users Extra $$$ Per User
Truly Web-Based Not All Are Truly Web-Based 
Single Screen Order Entry & Proposal Creation Requires Navigation Through A Maze of Screens
Rapid Order Entry Most Don't Have
Online Ordering Interface (Fully Integrated) Most Don't Have or Requires Extra Fee and Costly 3rd Party Integration
Unlimited BEO Templates (Drag & Drop w/ Ability to Upload Pics) Limited Functionality; Don't Allow Uploading of Pics
Electronic Signature Contract System (Unlimited) Requires Paid Subscription to 3rd Party + Some Charge a Monthly Integration Fee
Delivery Manager Router & Driver App Do Not Have
Venue Manager Do Not Have or Requires Costly Add-On Module
Tablet-Based Kitchen Display System for Production Do Not Have
Kitchen Production Labeling System Do Not Have
CRM Included Some Require Costly Add-On
Reminder System Some Require Costly Add-On
Quickbooks Integration Costly Month Integration Fee
Web Form System (Unlimited w/ Free Setup) Either Do Not Have or Charge Up To $30/Month Plus $200 Setup Fee
Email Marketing System Requires Paid Subscription to 3rd Party Email Systems and Up To $30/Month Integration Fee
E-Loyalty Program (Rewards to 80+ National Brands) Do Not Have
Book-A-Meeting System Do Not Have
Direct Mail Engine (Send Letters and Postcards) Do Not Have
Marketing Calendar Reminder System Do Not Have
VoIP Phone System Do Not Have
Unlimited Proposal Templates Some Require Document Builder With Up To $30/Month Fee


Now that you see the major differences, don't you think you owe it to yourself to take a closer look?

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"This system was so good, I was in a class, and I recommended it to some other people, and they end up purchasing the system, and then they told me later how much it changed their lives."


Brent Reaves

President, Smokey John's BBQ
CaterZen client since 2015

"Once we moved over to CaterZen, it changed our life from that perspective, and we got to spend more time selling caterings and delivering caterings, than trying to logistically lay everything out."


Joe Davidson

Founder, Oklahoma Joe's
CaterZen client since 2012

"It saved us a ton of time on multiple processes when you have - we've got one team taking the order, we have another team routing our drivers to deliver it, and we have another team that's cooking the product and preparing it. CaterZen is able to read between all three, and really make it a cohesive system that they can utilize."


Heather Autry

Sales Manager, Jack Stack Barbecue
CaterZen client since 2019

"I definitely became more efficient once I switched to CaterZen, and that in and of itself allowed me to increase my sales."


David Carter

Catering Director, Shane's Rib Shack
CaterZen client since 2015

"There's so many different ways that... you can tailor it to fit what you need. We're able to do more with fewer people."


Annie Miler

Chef & Owner, Clementine Catering
CaterZen client since 2020

"When I took over Taylor Grocery Special Events Catering back in 2006, they did... $38 or $39 thousand in sales... And in 2019, we did almost a million and a half. I could not have done any of that without CaterZen."


Butch Scott

Catering Manager, Taylor Grocery Special Events Catering
CaterZen client since 2015

"We love the fact that the staff at CaterZen helped us set up everything, and then... we were free to run with it. There were many features that we were able to access right away that made us fall in love with it."


Wendy Banman

General Manager, Elizabeth's Catering
CaterZen client since 2018

"We've been doing this for 35 years and this is the single best investment we've made in the 35 years of being in business."


Geoffrey Bezuidenhout

President, Picnikins Catering
CaterZen client since 2019

"I'm able to work with all the different departments, our accounting departments, and all of our restaurants and our general managers and our area managers and everything else, so that everything is in one place."


Eleanor VonAchen

Customer Happiness Team Lead, Roots Natural Kitchen
CaterZen client since 2019

"The time savings. I can't say enough about that because when we're emailing or when we're calling... the information is very accessible. Retrieving orders. Duplicating orders. Finding customers."


Dean Montemayor

Director of Operations, Cabo Bob's
CaterZen client since 2019

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