How Brunswick Catering Elevated Customer Service and Efficiency with CaterZen

Michael Attias Mar 6, 2024
Michael Attias

In the bustling world of catering, where the difference between success and struggle often hinges on efficiency and adaptability, Isalin Howard, the Owner of Brunswick Catering, in New Brunswick, NJ, discovered a powerful ally in CaterZen. We'll explore Brunswick Catering's transformative journey from manual processes to streamlined success, highlighting the significant impact CaterZen's catering software has had on their operations, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.


The Challenge: Manual Processes and Limited Flexibility

Before embracing CaterZen, Brunswick Catering was ensnared in a web of manual processes. Invoicing was a tedious affair, requiring significant time and effort to create and send invoices to customers, let alone tracking payments through Excel spreadsheets. Their previous software offered little in the way of freedom and flexibility, particularly when customers needed changes to their orders.

This inefficiency and rigidity were stifling, preventing Brunswick Catering from responding swiftly to client needs and from focusing on other critical areas of their business.

The Solution: CaterZen’s Comprehensive Software

The decision to switch to CaterZen was driven by a desire to eliminate manual processes and enhance operational flexibility. CaterZen's ability to simplify generating catering invoices and catering quotes, coupled with its dynamic online ordering system, promised a significant reduction in day-to-day administrative burdens. Howard was particularly impressed by CaterZen’s transformational impact, highlighting a feature that became indispensable:


"Transforming a quote into an invoice with one click has been a big, big, big time-saver."

Isalin Howard, Owner, Brunswick Catering


CaterZen's online ordering system became an indispensable tool for Brunswick Catering. It not only offered customers the freedom to modify their orders, but also provided the business with flexible payment options. This feature reduced the need for manual updates and refunds, further streamlining their operations and improving customer satisfaction.

The Impact: Time Saved and Operations Streamlined

With CaterZen, Brunswick Catering experienced a dramatic shift in their operational efficiency. What once took minutes—or even hours—could now be accomplished in seconds. This newfound efficiency extended beyond mere paperwork; it also enabled Howard to reallocate precious time towards growth-focused initiatives and personal commitments. The flexibility CaterZen offered in handling catering payments and modifications further enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined internal workflows.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

Brunswick Catering's journey from manual drudgery to streamlined efficiency showcases the transformative power of CaterZen. By providing a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically for catering businesses, CaterZen has enabled Brunswick Catering not only to enhance their operational efficiency but also to elevate their customer service and focus on business growth. Isalin Howard's experience stands as a compelling testament to the difference the right software can make, making CaterZen an invaluable asset for catering businesses looking to thrive in a competitive industry.

For catering businesses looking to replicate Brunswick Catering's success, take the software for a spin by signing up for a 30-day free trial or a "non-demo demo", or if you're a current CaterZen client and want to explore how you can better leverage CaterZen, schedule a personalized quick-start training session.

Discover more about how CaterZen is reshaping the catering industry by checking out client testimonials and case studies, offering direct insights from those who've seen their businesses flourish with CaterZen.

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