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The Catering Phone Center of the Future

Michael Attias Jun 29, 2022
Michael Attias

Dating myself, there was a stack of applications over an inch thick for my first job as a dishwasher. Thanks to a friend who was a busboy at the restaurant, that was the "big break" I needed to be an overnight success in the restaurant business.

Today’s hiring environment is drastically different. I have no idea where the workforce has disappeared to. Are there super-geniuses with a gift of parlaying their stimulus money into record-breaking investment returns Bernie Madoff would have envied?

Keeping Up with Software Technology

For years, I have thought about what AI, artificial intelligence, will do for handling the phones; specifically catering phone calls.

Yesterday I took a demo of some cutting-edge technology that is taking takeout and delivery phone orders with an artificial intelligence system and directly inputting the order into a point of sale.

Though quite not where I want to see the technology for CaterZen to incorporate into our catering software, I do see a day where it will make sense.

Imagine how many orders you are losing to the phone not being answered live. An AI system can scale to unlimited calls answered and orders taken. Upsells will always be executed and never forgotten.

I envision a day your catering clients can call in to modify, cancel or confirm an order.

The technology keeps getting better. 

In case you are a naysayer… who’d a thunk you’d have more computing and photography power on your phone than your first computer?

NEW SOFTWARE FEATURE:  Take Phone Orders for Multiple Concepts or Locations

To that end, we just created a Phone Center Order Taking tool. It allows you to link multiple accounts. It can be a single brand or different brands and have your phone center take orders and switch between accounts.

Please see the video below for a walk-through:

How your phones are answered…who answers them…

It's a major factor in growing a catering business. I have been preaching this sermon for years. Whether doing phone mystery shops in front of live seminar audiences, or creating a free book for our prospects and clients…

The book is called: The Ultimate Telephone Training System for Catering Sales. You can get it here:

If you have a Marketing Pro Plus Subscription to our catering software and are interested in setting up this new phone center tool for your accounts, please send a support ticket:

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