How Jack Stack Barbecue Simplified Their Catering Process with CaterZen

Michael Attias Aug 9, 2023
Michael Attias

Jack Stack Barbecue in Overland Park, Kansas, was originally relying on Caterease for catering management. However, as their services started leaning towards delivery and drop-offs, they found the system wasn't filling their needs. There was a demand for a simpler yet more efficient catering software platform, especially in the emerging pandemic landscape where delivery was becoming paramount.

The solution:  enter CaterZen.


Unlocking Seamless Catering: The CaterZen Advantage

Just before the pandemic, Jack Stack Barbecue was already exploring CaterZen. The pandemic expedited this need, as their physical restaurants closed and focus shifted to home deliveries. CaterZen's user-friendly interface meant easy integration and training for their team. Its superior routing capabilities allowed efficient delivery to multiple addresses, aiding in handling a booming demand for home deliveries.


"I'd say it’s a game-changer. Whether it’s customer ease, staff training, order processing, or deliveries, CaterZen has transformed how we operate. It's not just a system for us; it's a lifelong partnership."

Heather Autry, Sales Manager, Jack Stack Barbecue


Transformative Advantages: CaterZen's Multifaceted Impact

Embracing CaterZen's robust features not only streamlined Jack Stack Barbecue's operations but also unveiled a spectrum of benefits that reshaped their catering approach for the better.

  1. Introduction of Online Ordering: Before CaterZen, Jack Stack Barbecue didn’t offer online delivery orders. CaterZen bridged this gap, allowing customers familiar with their carryout system to effortlessly switch to delivery. The result? A whopping 20-30% of orders started coming through online, freeing up significant staff time.
  2. Ease of Training: The simplicity of CaterZen’s platform eliminated the need for elaborate training. Staff from different departments, from order-taking to kitchen preparations to delivery, could easily coordinate and ensure efficient order processing and delivery.
  3. Paperless and Streamlined: With CaterZen's kitchen production reports, orders got directly reflected on kitchen screens, any changes were instantly highlighted, and the reliance on physical paper orders reduced drastically.
  4. Driver App & Efficient Routing: CaterZen’s delivery driver app and routing capabilities ensured seamless deliveries, especially crucial when handling multiple deliveries.

Mapping the Future: CaterZen's Role in Tomorrow's Catering Landscape

Heather spoke with enthusiasm about CaterZen's impact, highlighting its role in streamlining her responsibilities as a sales manager. She values the sustained partnership with the CaterZen team and eagerly anticipates leveraging the software's continued advancements for future growth.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

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Also, check out more client testimonials and case studies to hear directly from clients about how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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