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How Rollie’s Catering Uses CaterZen to Enhance Its Business

Michael Attias Jan 18, 2023
Michael Attias

Rollie's Catering, based in Belfast, Maine, was struggling to manage its orders and grow its catering business with its outdated system of pen and paper, a binder, and memos stuck to a wall.

However, all of that changed when they discovered CaterZen’s comprehensive catering software at the National Restaurant Association show in 2015.  Utilizing CaterZen's suite of marketing, sales and operations tools, the team at Rollie's Catering has been able to be even better at what they do, while growing their business.


Growing Corporate Drop-Off Catering Sales with Repeat Orders

Since implementing CaterZen's software, Rollie's Catering has seen a significant improvement in its ability to track orders and communicate with customers, with integrated features like a powerful CRM and marketing tools.

The repeat ordering feature, which allows them to easily duplicate previous orders from different organizations, has been particularly beneficial for rebooking corporate clients.


"CaterZen has been a really awesome experience in keeping track of our orders with our customers. It's a very robust system, and all of those features combined create a product that is outstanding for us."

Ryan Otis, Owner, Rollie's Catering

The catering rewards program, which allows Rollie's Catering to offer a repeat-business bonus discount based on a percentage of previous sales, keeps the business competitive by establishing loyalty with corporate clients.

Thriving During the Pandemic (and Beyond)

The pandemic presented challenges for Rollie's Catering, but CaterZen's software features made it simple for the business to adapt to the changing landscape.

Some of these features include:

  1. Online Ordering System - The easy-to-use system allowed Rollie’s Catering to add a special menu, and quickly make adjustments to menu items and availability. “CaterZen is worth the money, right there, for our ability to add online ordering with next-to-no effort,” Ryan says.
  2. Delivery Manager - When handling multiple events on the same day, the delivery manager tool has been useful in tracking which employees are delivering to which drop-off locations.
  3. Invoicing - The invoicing feature has also been a valuable asset, allowing them to easily keep track of deposits and payments for each event.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

If you'd like to see similar results, take the software for a spin by signing up for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a free "Non-Demo" Demo with our team, who can help you to uncover how our software can benefit your specific business' needs.

Also, check out more client testimonials and case studies to hear directly from clients about how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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