How Roots Natural Kitchen Elevated Their Catering Experience with CaterZen

Michael Attias Aug 23, 2023
Michael Attias

Roots Natural Kitchen, a vibrant and growing establishment, once grappled with the chaos of manual invoicing and fragmented catering processes. As their catering services expanded, they yearned for a streamlined approach that not only matched their business model but also foresaw their growth potential.

Thankfully, Roots Natural Kitchen turned to CaterZen's catering software, paving the way for amplified success.


Enter CaterZen, the All-In-One Software Solution

As Roots Natural Kitchen delved into their catering expansion, they realized the need for an efficient and scalable solution. Eleanor VonAchen, the restaurant's Customer Happiness Team Lead, recalls the pivotal decision-making process. "We went through a couple of different ideas on what we wanted to do, and we felt that CaterZen probably fit our restaurant – considering its structure and the growth we anticipated," she shares.


"CaterZen helps me organize all of my caterings. I'm able to work with all the different departments, all of our restaurants and our general managers and our area managers and everything else, so that everything is in one place."

Eleanor VonAchen, Customer Happiness Team Lead, Roots Natural Kitchen

Unleashing Potential: The CaterZen Advantage

For Roots Natural Kitchen, the shift to CaterZen heralded a series of transformative changes.

  1. Enhanced Internal Communication: With multiple restaurants under their wing, CaterZen facilitated seamless communication across outlets. "It's easier now for all our restaurants to communicate and see what's going on with everything," states Eleanor.

  2. Accurate Prep Planning: Specializing in grain and salad bowls demands meticulous prep. CaterZen’s intuitive features, like the kitchen production report, enabled the team to accurately estimate preparation requirements, ensuring they never missed a beat.

  3. Effortless Customer Experience: Companies ordering catering online from Roots found the process on their website straightforward, translating to better user experiences and increased catering orders.

  4. Stellar Customer Support: Eleanor lauds CaterZen's customer service, emphasizing their prompt responses and thorough guidance that ensured the tool was the right fit for their operations.

Organized, Efficient, and Swift: The CaterZen Experience

For Eleanor, managing catering across three states and several restaurants was no small feat. CaterZen streamlined this complexity. "CaterZen helps me organize all my caterings, invoicing, and ensure things are paid correctly. I'm not missing anything," Eleanor remarks. She adds, "We're in a restaurant – things have to go very, very quickly. CaterZen makes it easy for me to navigate and figure out where everything is."

In essence, CaterZen's transformative capabilities harmonized with Roots Natural Kitchen’s ethos, catalyzing their catering operations' efficiency and growth.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

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Also, check out more client testimonials and case studies to hear directly from clients about how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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