How Backyard Catering Has Been Saving Time with CaterZen Since 2013

Michael Attias Oct 19, 2022
Michael Attias

Since 2013, Backyard Catering has been able to save time and increase sales with CaterZen Catering Software. Here's how they did it.


All-In-One Catering Software Replaces Manual Systems

Relying on sticky notes and manual processes to run catering operations, Backyard Catering was in need of a tool that would help organize the many components of its catering business.

From online ordering to delivery management to kitchen production reports, CaterZen's feature-rich software has helped to make Backyard Catering more productive and profitable.


"I can't say enough good things about CaterZen.  All of the different features, from the organizational side to the marketing side, keep me very, very organized."

Jennisa Mangold, Catering Director, Backyard Catering


Delivery Management with CaterZen Drives Productivity

With the school district as their biggest customer, Backyard Catering sometimes provides lunch orders to 20 schools in a day, all within an hour and a half.

CaterZen's Delivery Manager & Driver App allows the Backyard Catering team to properly and adequately prepare for these busy days with small windows of time to deliver. Without needing to manually add details into maps, Backyard Catering uses the Delivery Manager to keep track of all the drivers in real-time, as well as calculate the mileage and drive time. This makes it easy to delegate orders to drivers, and to keep orders efficiently delivered on time, saving the company money by grouping deliveries together to be handled by a single driver.

5 More Ways Backyard Catering Saves Time with CaterZen

Many of CaterZen's features have allowed Backyard Catering to save time.

1. Saving Time with Online Ordering

CaterZen's Online Ordering feature makes it super easy for Backyard Catering's customers to place orders on their own time, and convenient for their catering team. With a clear overview of current orders, the team can easily limit when people can place orders, to allow for breathing room on busy days. Nothing falls through the cracks, leaving the customers, kitchen and management happy.

2. Saving Time with Quotes

Since customers are able to create their own quotes with CaterZen, the team is able to easily review them, tweak them, and convert them into orders, streamlining the whole quoting process.

3. Saving Time with Invoicing

Before CaterZen introduced paying invoices online, Backyard Catering was sending customers a credit card authorization form, with the hopes that the customer would accurately fill out every field.

Now, with a simple "Pay Invoice" button, it saves the team time, and makes their customers feel more comfortable with this secure process.

4. Saving Time with Kitchen Production Reports

CaterZen's kitchen production reports have been incredibly helpful to Backyard Catering, allowing them to make sure their customers are very well taken care of. They print out the reports along with catering tickets, so that the kitchen can see exactly what the customer ordered, along with quantities and totals.

5. Saving Time with Automation

Order confirmation emails that are sent to the customer, as well as to the team, keep everyone in the loop. This makes customers feel confident that their order has been placed, and removes the need for phone calls confirming orders.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

If you'd like to see similar results, take the software for a spin by signing up for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough with our team.

Also, check out more client testimonials to hear how directly from clients how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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