How Cabo Bob's Revolutionizes Its Catering Business with CaterZen

Michael Attias Apr 26, 2023
Michael Attias

Cabo Bob's, a popular restaurant with multiple locations in Texas, struggled to manage its growing catering business using traditional pen-and-paper methods. As the company expanded, the need for a more efficient system became evident.

That's when Cabo Bob's decided to implement CaterZen's catering software solution that helped streamline their catering operations and boost their growth.

The Problem: Inefficient Catering Operations Hindering Growth

Before adopting CaterZen, Cabo Bob's relied on a pen-and-paper system for catering orders. This outdated method was inefficient and error-prone, making it challenging to manage the increasing volume of orders, especially as the business expanded into new cities. As catering accounted for 25-30% of Cabo Bob's revenue, it was crucial to find a better way to manage this aspect of the business.


The Solution: Implementing CaterZen to Streamline and Optimize Catering Processes

Cabo Bob's decided to implement CaterZen to improve its catering operations. The software enabled the company to:

  1. Efficiently manage orders: CaterZen's database allowed Cabo Bob's to quickly retrieve and duplicate orders for repeat customers, significantly reducing order processing time.
  2. Gain new clients: By leveraging CaterZen's catering CRM, Cabo Bob's could better serve its pharmaceutical rep clients by quickly identifying and replicating orders for new companies they were targeting.
  3. Improve delivery management: CaterZen allowed store managers to assign drivers, develop efficient routes, and monitor delivery schedules in real time.
  4. Streamline production and invoicing: Cabo Bob's used CaterZen's production reports and invoicing options to improve order preparation and expedite the billing process for both one-time and recurring customers.


"CaterZen has been a game-changer for us. We can't even understand how we did it without CaterZen, to tell you the truth. The time savings, improved order management, and streamlined delivery process have made a massive impact on our catering business, allowing us to grow and serve our customers better than ever before."

Dean Montemayor, Director of Operations, Cabo Bob's

The Results: Boosted Efficiency and Business Growth

Cabo Bob's experienced several significant benefits after implementing CaterZen:

  1. Time savings: CaterZen's user-friendly interface and easily accessible information helped Cabo Bob's save considerable time in managing their catering operations.
  2. Enhanced customer targeting: CaterZen's software enabled Cabo Bob's to better target specific groups, such as universities or businesses in the IT sector, for promotional campaigns and holiday reminders.
  3. Improved delivery management: The software allowed store managers to efficiently assign drivers and optimize delivery routes, minimizing communication and logistical issues.
  4. Streamlined production and invoicing: CaterZen's production reports and invoicing options helped Cabo Bob's improve order preparation and expedite billing processes, enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring timely payments.

CaterZen has transformed Cabo Bob's catering operations, enabling the restaurant to manage its growing business more efficiently and effectively. CaterZen has become an indispensable tool for Cabo Bob's, helping the company continue to thrive and expand in the competitive catering market.

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