How Gourmandise Achieved Seamless Catering Management Transformation with CaterZen

Michael Attias Nov 15, 2023
Michael Attias

Gourmandise, a thriving catering enterprise, faced the common industry challenge of finding the perfect catering software to manage its intricate operations. Davis Kinney, the Catering Director, reflects on their journey from Tripleseat, an event and venue-focused software, to discovering the more catering-specific benefits of CaterZen.


Transitioning from Tripleseat to CaterZen

Before CaterZen, Gourmandise relied on Tripleseat. While it was a competent tool, Davis felt it lacked the catering-specific features necessary to elevate their business. Key issues like the absence of a delivery driver app and cumbersome payment processing signaled the need for a change.

CaterZen stands out as a comprehensive, all-in-one catering software, offering not only event space and party room booking & management akin to Tripleseat, but also expanding its prowess with advanced marketing, sales, and operations tools, thereby providing an unparalleled range of features and functionality.

The Decision to Embrace CaterZen

The shift to CaterZen was sparked by Davis’s appreciation for effective sales communication, notably through engaging emails from Michael Attias, CaterZen’s founder. This initial interaction led to deeper exploration, revealing how CaterZen's offerings were aligned with Gourmandise's specific pain points.


"If you're willing to put in the time upfront and work with Jillian and Meredith, and intentionally build it, it will reap rewards for your business. You will get out of it what you put into it. It can be a basic software that just gets you by, or it can be as robust as you want it to be, and will help you grow your business."

Davis Kinney, Catering Director, Gourmandise

Experiencing the CaterZen Advantage

Although learning the ins and outs of CaterZen's intricate features took time, Davis soon began to reap significant benefits. Time-saving became apparent, as the software allowed for quick repeat orders and efficient management, freeing Davis to focus on sales and client interaction, the core strengths of his role.

Indispensable Features of CaterZen

For Davis, the recurring orders feature was a game-changer, streamlining repeat business with ease and efficiency. Moreover, the support from CaterZen’s team, particularly during issues like invoice discrepancies, exemplified the reliable and prompt assistance that became instrumental in their smooth operation.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

If you'd like to see similar results, take the software for a spin by signing up for a 30-day free trial or a "non-demo demo", or if you're a current CaterZen client and want to explore how you can better leverage CaterZen, schedule a personalized quick-start training session.

Also, check out more client testimonials and case studies to hear directly from clients about how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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