How Picnikins Catering Reimagined Their Operations with CaterZen

Michael Attias Oct 3, 2023
Michael Attias

In an industry where the precision of logistics and management is paramount, the transition from manual, handwritten operations to a streamlined, digital approach can be revolutionary. Picnikins Catering in San Antonio, led by President Geoffrey Bezuidenhout, discovered this firsthand when they incorporated CaterZen's catering software into their business model.


Embracing Technology to Eliminate Tedious Handwritten Tasks

Picnikins Catering was no stranger to the labor-intensive world of handwritten logistics before finding CaterZen. Geoffrey Bezuidenhout recalled the painstaking process of handwriting everything — from production sheets and invoicing to detailed logistics. Hours upon hours were invested daily to prepare for the subsequent day's operations.

The adoption of CaterZen meant liberating the team from this manual morass, allowing automation to take the reins of tasks like billing, invoicing, and delivery route management.


"It's time to hop on to CaterZen and it'll really make your life much, much easier. Trust me. We've been doing this for 35 years and this is the single best investment we've made in the 35 years of being in business."

Geoffrey Bezuidenhout, President, Picnikins Catering

The Pivotal Decision to Implement CaterZen

CaterZen wasn’t just a fluke discovery for Picnikins Catering. The decision to incorporate the software came after witnessing a demonstration that promised to check all the logistical and administrative boxes that Geoffrey and his team had been grappling with. Even without deep technological expertise or hefty budgets for app development, CaterZen appeared to be the all-encompassing solution they had been long searching for.

User-Friendly Features and Unparalleled Support

The aspects of CaterZen that garnered the most appreciation from the Picnikins Catering team were its user-friendliness and the dedicated support from the CaterZen team. From menu setup to production routing and managing deliveries, every feature was designed with user accessibility in mind, ensuring that even those with minimal technological expertise could navigate it smoothly. Additionally, the rapid, patient, and constructive support from CaterZen further facilitated a smooth transition and ongoing operations.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

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