How Adam & Joe Know Lunch Effectively Manage Drop-Off Corporate Catering with CaterZen

Michael Attias Nov 30, 2022
Michael Attias

Like many of CaterZen’s happy clients, Adam and Joe Know Lunch has been able to leverage our catering software’s many integrated tools to grow their restaurant’s catering profit center. Here's how they did it.


The Limitations of Pen & Paper

Relying on manual processes like creating invoices by hand and updating Excel sheets made it a challenge for the Adam and Joe Know Lunch team to manage all of their catering customers.

They were in desperate need of an all-in-one software system that could help automate their tasks, as well as take things to the next level with their catering marketing.

Saving Time and Increasing Productivity with CaterZen

Fortunately, CaterZen is specifically geared towards drop-off caterers, and provides all the specific tools that a restaurant needs to efficiently run the catering side of the business.

Since joining CaterZen in 2015, Adam and Joe Know Lunch has been able to streamline its processes. With everyone on the catering team having access to the software, it keeps the whole team up-to-date on all catering activities.


"A regular catering day, we would have 40 plus separate unique catering orders, and [CaterZen] made it so easy. You just go in, you print everything out, you can see what's coming up the next week. It really does make management unbelievably easy, and taking orders unbelievably easy for your customers."

Jessica Lehrer, President, Adam & Joe Know Lunch


3 Software Features That Revolutionized Catering for Adam & Joe Know Lunch

Here are 3 ways that Adam & Joe Know Lunch has improved their catering business with CaterZen.

1. Managing Customers With a Robust CRM

One of Adam and Joe’s biggest needs was a database for their catering customers for better management. Previous to using CaterZen, it was hard for the team to go back to find orders.

Now, with all of a customer’s previous orders available at their fingertips, it’s easy to create repeat orders. When a customer calls to order something similar to a previous order, the team can immediately pull up anything that the company has ordered, even if the person ordering had never ordered before but wanted to know what other people from that company ordered.

Having quick access to previous orders has also been a big benefit to customers when ordering online through CaterZen’s catering online ordering interface.

2. Staying in Front of Customers With Email Marketing

With all of their customers in a catering CRM, it opens up the ability to send marketing emails for catering.

The Adam & Joe Know Lunch team receives automated email reminders from CaterZen letting them know that a particular holiday or event is coming up, so that they can send timely marketing messages to their email list through CaterZen.

They also have reaped the rewards of sending thank you letters, which has proven to leave a good impression on their customers, who say they’ll reach out again for another order in the future. Thanks to marketing email templates, the whole relationship with a customer is seamless, from first contact to after delivery, and beyond.

3. Saving Time With Professional Automated Invoicing

Adam and Joe Know Lunch were looking for a better invoicing system that would work better for them and for their customers, who were requesting paperless invoices to arrive via email.

CaterZen’s invoicing software allows Adam and Joe Know Lunch to look more professional with invoice templates that easily pull data from the customer’s order in the system, and seamlessly get sent and accept payment.

Another major benefit for the team is being able to immediately send email confirmation of paid invoices to pharmaceutical reps, enhancing the whole customer experience.

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

If you'd like to see similar results, take the software for a spin by signing up for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a free 1-on-1 product walkthrough with our team.

Also, check out more client testimonials and case studies to hear how directly from clients how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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