How Firehouse Subs Stays Organized and Focused on Catering Success with CaterZen

Michael Attias Feb 15, 2023
Michael Attias

Before using CaterZen, Firehouse Subs franchisee Mia Stanovich and her husband, also her business partner, struggled to keep track of catering orders. Loose pieces of paper were flying all over the place, making it easy for them to miss something, drop the ball, or let something fall through the cracks. As someone naturally unorganized, Mia needed a tool to keep all of her catering orders in one place and follow up with prospects.

That's where CaterZen's catering software came in.


Ramping Up Catering Sales Growth with CaterZen

Mia is a huge fan of CaterZen, which she calls her life, admitting she’d be in trouble without it. Since 2016 when this Firehouse Subs location became a customer, CaterZen has helped Mia to become extremely organized, and it has helped her grow her catering business by leaps and bounds.

The Firehouse Subs team found that it was easy to get started by simply importing their customer list into the catering CRM. Mia loves that CaterZen makes her look more professional. When customers call and ask about their previous orders, she can easily pull up their order history and tell them what they ordered and when.  She also appreciates the fact that she can lock the credit cards into the system, for added safety.


"It's one of the best products out there, especially for a mom-and-pop restaurant. It's a really worthwhile investment."

Mia Stanovich, Franchisee, Firehouse Subs


A One-Stop-Shop of Catering Marketing, Sales and Operations Tools

One of the first catering software features Mia tested was the postcard program, which was very successful and helped Firehouse Subs get their foot in the door. This allowed Mia and her team to focus on businesses that were interested in what they were doing instead of wasting time and effort on cold calling.

Other key features of CaterZen that have significantly impacted her business include:

  1. Online Ordering System - When someone orders catering, the information is all captured in the system, without any manual entry. Mia receives an email notification when new orders come in, and she can easily view them in the CaterZen interface to get an idea of what her day looks like.
  2. Delivery Manager - This feature allows her to gauge whether or not she can take on additional orders throughout the day, where she can view the delivery schedule for the next day, and easily add new orders as they come in. This not only helps her to manage her time more efficiently, but it has also helped to increase sales.
  3. Catering Calendar - The calendar has been beneficial in helping Mia to plan and manage her time more effectively. Additionally, the fact that it is Google-connected is a huge time-saver for her, where orders are automatically added to her Google Calendar
  4. Email Marketing - Mia can easily plan and execute different campaigns, promotions, and email blasts for special events, holidays, or any other occasion. The library of marketing materials and email templates provided by CaterZen makes it easy for Mia to create and distribute content without having to rely on a large marketing department.

CaterZen's All-In-One Software Leads to Big Results

Overall, CaterZen has helped Mia and her team at Firehouse Subs get organized and focused on what matters most: their catering business. With CaterZen driving their catering operations, marketing and sales, the Firehouse Subs franchise quickly rose to number three in the entire company for catering orders!

Grow Your Catering Sales with CaterZen

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Also, check out more client testimonials and case studies to hear directly from clients about how CaterZen has changed the trajectory of their restaurants and catering businesses.

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