Direct Mail Isn’t Dead! How To Build Catering Sales With Offline Marketing

Michael Attias Feb 5, 2020

Anyone who’s followed my career knows about my famous x-ray mailer.

In May, there’s a week called "Hospital Week", where hospitals will feed their staff as a sort of reward and thank you for all that they do.

I printed sales letters for Hospital Week on a black background, with white lettering on a transparency film, so they looked like an x-ray.

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If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It: Catering Promotion in 2020

Michael Attias Jan 29, 2020

Don't get bored with the old.

There's a reason why we use the expression 'the tried and true'.

Sure, it's great to try out new ideas and try to think outside the box once in a while.

But when you're planning your marketing strategy for the whole year, the most important thing you should be focusing on is utilizing the things that have already worked for you in the past.

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Guiding Customer Perception of Value Using Coupons and Bonuses

Michael Attias Jan 15, 2020

I don’t like to give discounts.

Even though we have couponing features built directly into CaterZen’s software, I learned long ago, when I was still getting my feet wet in the catering business, that it’s always better to add value than to give discounts.

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Email Marketing Ideas for Catering Businesses

Michael Attias Dec 18, 2019

It’s that time of the year again.

That’s right – every company that’s got your email is going to start flooding your email inbox with ads and promotions for every Christmas or holiday sale you could imagine.

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Loyalty Works Both Ways: Making the Most of CaterZen's Rewards Programs

Michael Attias Nov 27, 2019

Value comes in many forms.

For some people, they find value in hunting down the best discounts or limited time offers. Others look for freebies or buy-one-get-one type deals. There are tons of different kinds of catering rewards program options you can offer.

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Christmas Catering Cash

Michael Attias Sep 11, 2019

I grew up in an idyllic neighborhood. Woods, fishing ponds, treehouses, and trails were our domain.

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The Power of Thinking Big

Michael Attias Aug 28, 2019

“Money, income, wealth, prosperity is not really the point.
It is what you are able to create for self and loved ones with it.”

-Dan Kennedy

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How Much to Charge for Catering Delivery

Michael Attias Oct 1, 2018

Last night I received an email from a new client asking me about what the delivery charge should be for his catering service.

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How To Formulate A Foolproof Catering Marketing Plan

Michael Attias May 28, 2018

As a lefty, I have always done things backward. As a kid, I read magazines from the back cover to the front, reading the ads and skipping the articles.

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SOFTWARE FEATURE:  Reactivation Letters to Re-Engage Customers

Jillian Davis Sep 25, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to this week’s Monday Memo!

This week, we’ll be highlighting another type of Auto-Pilot Marketing letter available in your RCS account!

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